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Attic Lift Systems – With regard to summer cooling, I was ask to take a few words on the attic vents. In addition to keeping us warm and preventing condensation & mildew in the winter, a fairly isolated and well-ventilated attic space will reduce the summer heat load in the living room. A well-ventilated attic will function like a large shade tree! The general rule of thumb is “one square foot of unobstructed ventilation area for every 300 square foot ceiling space; not less than 50% of total entry through soffits or saddle holes, and no more than 50% out through the roof or ridge. And lice can reduce the effectiveness of ventilation by 50%, so fold this amount.

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For example, a house of 1500 sq. Ft requires at least 5 sq ft area attic lift systems unobstructed (10 sq. Ft.) Area, this is likely to be achieve by roofing 5 (1 sq. Ft.) Ventilation (or large number of smaller vents) and in most new homes, soft soffit covers are release continuously. In old homes with soffit wooden cover with individual soffit vents, subsequent cover with drastically-ventilated aluminum will obstruct the airflow through the original opening. Soffit wood cover should be remove before installing aluminum soffit cover. If aluminum has been an apple on plywood. Temporarily remove this cover to introduce more openings into the wood soffit.

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To determine whether attic lift systems you sufficiently ventilate, first survey the number of roof vents. Then lift the access door inside the house (usually found in the closet or the hallway of the ceiling). If the attic temperature is very high, especially on a cold day, this means that the heat-filled air is not enough to be release. In addition, you may feel the flow of air coming in through the access hole. This means you may have enough roof vents, but not enough soffit (or gable) ventilation. The height of roof height versus gable ventilation will also be a deciding factor. The higher the roof vents are above the gable vent, the more effective the attic will be ventilated.

Minimal isolation of R20 (about 8 “) above the upper ceiling is required to isolate attic lift systems from the living room effectively, and the continuous steam barrier behind the walls and ceilings will stop the infiltration of the hot outer air, and more refrigerant discharges (Hopefully) in the air Check if your soffit vent is not blocked by insulation material, no air conditioning, it’s good to open all windows overnight, then turn off the house and close the window cover all day, like grandmother doing it! Aluminum foil, or staining Commercial, can also be helpful when applied to the south and west windows.