25 Unique Finishing An Attic At Home

Finishing an attic – Attic is considered difficult to decorate due to design of vaulted or triangular ceilings, angles and spaces are small. Many families have “forgotten” this area and used it as a storage area. In fact, it can also be an ideal corner in house if you know how. Many times we do not know what to do in our attic and ends up being a space destined to storage of things that we put here and there without paying much attention to decoration. sloping walls of roof can frighten us when it is time to decorate it but should not be a brake when it comes to turning attic into a special space within our house.

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Why not turn your attic into a fantastic closet of those that arouse envy of all? In this case we continue to use this space to store but difference with a storage room is evident. Attic corner is best place to sleep, regardless of whether corner is dark or has windows above. Just put a rug, a cushion, a little bit of mood lighting that you have a peaceful and private space reserved for you.

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Homeowners can design a small bathroom right on roof of their home. With right bathroom layout, plus white wall decor. narrow space, inherent angularity of finishing an attic seems to be no longer disturbing to bathroom. Homeowners can feel a more airy and elegant space. In addition, decoration of a small corner of wall preserves pristine beauty of exposed bricks, which adds to unique element of loft bathroom.

Using attic to design multifunctional style workrooms is also a great idea. Small, airy openings are where you can choose to place your desk. This will definitely be ideal location to give you a quiet and airy working space. In addition, you can also add a sofa for this space to create a cozy living area. Bookcases are design with reasonable height, suitable for rooms with sloping roof. tall pillar painted white in color with sloping ceilings gives this space a more airy and unique look.

Although area is limit. However, homeowners can completely transform finishing an attic into a romantic, unique bedroom. We can exploit height of space. So that activities are mainly taking place in high. And wide areas, pushing decorative shelves, cabinets less used … into “dead corner”. White ceiling paint will bring a cool feeling. In addition, roofline made of white lacquered wood or technical structure of roof becomes decorative details that are striking. And striking and create an effective height effect for this space.