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The covers are soft, Tommy Hilfiger quilts usually filled with thin, feather or synthetic fibers. The covers are popular in Europe as a single bed coating, replacing many other items of bedding, including sheets, blankets and blankets. Standard bed sizes and names vary considerably around the world. The United States and Britain have similar names styles for litter, but the names refer to different physical dimensions. Although each has a mattress and bedding size is called the “king”, that they do not concern the same size mattress.

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Standard Limit Name

The United States has five standard bed sizes: twin, full, queen, king and California king. The United Kingdom has four standard sizes: single, double, king and super king. The United Kingdom king size Tommy Hilfiger quilts is the same size as the British state’s standard queen size quilt. Both are 88 x 86 inches, or 225 x 220 cm. In the United States, all king size quilts are 102 x 86 inches, which is comparable to the British super king size, which is 260 x 220 centimeters. The United States California king size lacks the equivalent and is longer than it is wide at 114 x 106 inches, or 290 x 270 centimeters.

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International counterparts

The European king size Tommy Hilfiger quilts design is similar but not exactly the same as the British king and US queen sizes. At 240 x 220 centimeters, European king size is between the UK king and super king size. A super king size is also sold in Europe, and it is the same size as its British names. Australia has a different dimensioning standard, which falls between the American and British royal sizes. At 240 x 210 centimeters, the Swedish king size is larger than the British king but less than the American and European king size. Quilting has been a popular pastime for many years. Making a king size quilt is not difficult as long as you have all the right supplies and take your time. Quilting is a time-consuming task, but it’s worth it because the cover will last for many years and can also be a family tag.


Buy fabric in bulk lengths. King size Tommy Hilfiger quilts require fabric lengths of 107 by 108 inches. The beauty of a quilt increases when there are fewer cuts in the fabric, so look for fabrics wide and long to reduce the amount of sewing necessary. Some type of fabric design can be purchased, but some quilters prefer to buy a jumper and a print that match make the rug reversible.