Absolutely Stunning Off Grid House Ideas and Plan

Nov 22nd
Small Off The Grid House Plans
Small Off The Grid House Plans

Off grid house – There is nothing that makes you more excited when you leave home than to start drawing plans of your new home. It seems silly, but this activity is what shows you that everything is already under way. And that you will soon start a new home. In addition, you will see that plans are tremendously useful when you go to buy first furniture, curtains or ornaments for your home. I still keep notebook where I prepare the plans of my home. And it comes to me phenomenally whenever I need to put in a new item or redecorate a room. Along with these plans I also keep the references of the objects (furniture or decorative elements) that I look at and finished or did not buy. It is very important that you get a good grid notebook that allows you to prepare the plans to scale.

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Also, I recommend that you keep that notebook for all the elements that you are going to buy your home. So, for each plan you make for a room, leave 4 or 5 free sheets to be able to go pointing ideas. References of furniture or decorative items along with their price. We will delve more about this technique in the last tips section. Delineate well the walls that make up the corridor and add the doors you see. Next, go through each of the doors to prepare the floor plan of each room independently. I recommend that, when you clean it, make a general plan that includes all the rooms of your house with its real location in the house. And finally independent plans of each of the rooms. Let’s see how to proceed using the example of a room.

Draw freehand the plan of this room delimiting its space with the drawing of the walls. If the walls have some architectural element to take into account. Such as a column, you will also have to reflect it. Next, add the windows, doors and radiators that room has once you have defined the space with the walls. To draw the windows you only need to make a couple of lines that cut the line of the walls and mark the width of the window. For the doors, in addition to calculating the width on the drawing of our wall. You will have to take into account the route that the door will make and the cm it occupies. It will be good to know where they are locate when you go to look at furniture, in this way you will not place anything that covers them.

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