Adding DIY Sofa Table

Feb 12th
Traditional Diy Sofa Table
Traditional Diy Sofa Table

DIY Sofa Table is an elegant and functional complement to all living spaces. The work gives the living room a more polished look, while providing additional storage and surface. Traditional sofa tables are proportional to the size of your sofa, located behind or next to a sofa, and can be expensive depending on the size. Doing it yourself sofa tables is a more economical and adaptable solution. Created using wood and wood, this rectangular coffee table can be painted and adapted to your furnishings.

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Measure the height of your couch using a tape measure and draw the dimensions of your DIY Sofa Table accordingly. For example, if your sofa is 36 inches tall and 48 inches long, plan to create a coffee table that is 36 inches tall and 48 inches long. The width of the table is entirely up to you, but these steps will help you create a coffee table 18 inches wide on its upper surface. Purchase wood and glass at your local home improvement store and get it cut to fit the size of the surface of the table. Your wood base will need two inches thick and your glass must be 1/4 inch thick.

Purchase six 2-for-2-inch pieces of wood cut to 33 inches tall. These will serve as the legs for the table. They should be cut to about three inches shorter than your actual desired DIY Sofa Table height to account for the table top. Place the wooden cover side down on the ground and mark the edges and corners where the pins will be attached by means of a pen. Legs should be attached to the table in each corner and two legs should be attached to the center on opposite edges.

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