Alternative Plaid Upholstery Fabric

Plaid upholstery fabric and tapestries mark the decorative style of a room. That is why it is so important to get right in your choice. Smooth, stamped, clear, dark, resistant, washable, in addition to the aesthetic question. It is important to know which fabrics are the most suitable for upholstering furniture. If we want the upholstery to last the maximum time in perfect condition, we will choose fabrics that better withstand wear and are easy to clean. Nowadays there are multiple fabrics of cotton, cotton and polyester, linen that are very resistant and the variety is so wide that to decide for a concrete design, is not at all easy. Below you will find some proposals that will surely help you to get right with the upholstery of your home.

Posted on August 8, 2022 Interior Ideas

Smooth plaid upholstery fabric in dark tones, a sure bet is the smooth fabric in neutral tones: they are very easy to combine and it is always possible to animate them with details stamped on both the cushions and the curtains.  The dark tones have the advantage of being more suffered than the clear ones, better withstand the trot of daily life, and get a greater protagonist of the sofa or armchair inside the decoration. The trends in the fashion world somehow affect the interior design and mix of prints that appear on the catwalks are repeated in upholstered furniture. In this case, it is played with two fabrics collection Sojourn Prints & Embroideries, the signature Sanderson: Lilium, at the rear, a mixture of viscose and linen, Poppy Damask, cotton and linen with discrete patterns. Choosing two very striking prints can be very demanding, so a large print works best if accompanied by a more discreet print.

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Alternating plaid upholstery fabric designs of textures, colors and different prints will bring visual richness to the whole. To achieve a smooth and harmonic mixture, the ideal is that both the carpet and the cushions are of a color that coordinates with the tapestries. Thin, thick, two-colored, multicolored stripes, diplomatic stripe, thousand stripes, and also pictures. One of the keys to combining pattern prints and stripes is to always choose similar shades. Of course, it is advisable not to combine more than two different prints or you run the risk of recharging the environment. With pictures and stripes will be more than enough. To avoid recharging, reserve the large prints for auxiliary furniture, such as armchairs or armchairs, and accessories.