Attic Storage Lift Ideas

Attic storage lift – Finding free places in your home for storage is always a challenge. Your wind is a place you cannot use because it is difficult to reach, and lifting large objects through the access door is difficult. The Versa Lift wind storage system solves this problem by giving you a load lift to your wind. When installing attic storage lift, you must connect the remote control system and connect it to a wall outlet.

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Turn the four screws on the top of the receiver one quarter turn counterclockwise with a screwdriver. Remove the cover by pulling it out. Insert the connector from the receiver to the 6-pin male connector on the top of the motor housing. The connector is designed to fit only in one direction. If it fits the first attempt, rotate it 180 degrees and try again. Place the receiver on top of the motor housing align four bolt holes with the holes at the top of the housing.

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Attach the receiver to the motor housing by tightening the four 1/4 “screws. Replace the cover on the housing turn the process used to remove it. Drive the power cord to the nearest power outlet and plug in the wall socket. Using a wall outlet controlled by the light switch avoids mistakes activating the elevator. Build your own attic storage lift with an existing piece of bedroom furniture, such as an old chest of drawers. The agency needs to be modified to fit the TV and see the original of the room. Obtain the tools needed to complete the project.

With pliers, remove nails or staples used to attach the dust cover to the back of the office. Take the drawers from the old chest of drawers. Separate the front of the drawers by removing any nails or cutting them with the circular saw. Set a chest of drawers on its side. Measure the dimensions of the bottom with a tape measure. Cut a ¾-inch piece of plywood into measurements with the table seen. Set the plywood on the underside of the chest of drawers. Drill holes for plywood screws and chest of drawers. Secure plywood to the chest of drawers. Measure the depth and width of the storage. Add 1½ inches to the measurements and transfer them to the top of the agency. Cut a hole in the top of the chest of drawers with the circular saw. Apply wood to the perimeter of chest drawer faces. Put the box back on the chest of drawers and fasten with the nails using the nail gun. Place the attic storage lift kit to the back of the cabinet. Secure storage lift to plywood bottom with screws using a drill.