Beautiful Sofa Back Table Ideas and Decor

Feb 22nd
Sofa Back Table White
Sofa Back Table White

Where do you start when decorating it? Choose from animal figures, boxes, vases, baskets, trays, metal details, candles, fresh flowers, plants or cactus. The key is to place three or four main elements and mix them subtly with small details. Discover how to get it right. The beautiful cut glass ashtrays, although not used, are always a resource when filling small spaces on the sofa back table.

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If instead of flowers you put a plant, simplify the rest of the decoration of the sofa back table so as not to overload it. Say yes to the candles-lit or extinguished. They not only decorate but, with their flame, fill the atmosphere with a magical light.  Keep in mind that glass candle glasses are ideal for adding glass to the set. The fruit is not just for the kitchen. With fruit in season improvise a simple set, which you can customize every week.

Place the elements on a container or tray, and adapt the amount of fruit to the size of it. More than one! If you use two nest tables as a coffee table instead of just one, you can distribute the decorations according to the size proportions. If your coffee table is too romantic, dare with cement figures, made by you! And you?  How have you decorated your sofa back table? What is the object that you consider essential to create a set with style? Participate in comments.

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