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West Elm bedside table – A bedside table fills a very important function in very many bedrooms because a bedside table can be used to light a lamp so that it can be easily switched off without having to get up from bed when to sleep, and partly to store. But what should you really think of when choosing the bedside you get? Here are some suggestions: Choose a bedside table that fits with your bed and the other furniture. Select a bedside table at the right height. Both an over and a low bedside can be annoying when using it. Therefore, measure how high your bed is, and then thinks about where you would like the top of the bedside top to end.

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Choose a West Elm bedside table in the right size. And then we mean not only to make sure you really fit the bedside table where you intend to do it without making it difficult, but also that the proportions are correct. A very large bedside table next to a small bed looks like just strange and unobtrusive, like the bed and the table do not belong at all, but also a very small sleeping table next to a huge bed can look lost. Therefore, choose the size of the table with care, with the other proportions in the room in mind.

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Keep in mind that you do not have to have a West Elm bedside table on both sides of the bed. Although this time was very popular because it is practical. But if you have a place of space, or if just one person who sleeps in bed (now we assume that it is a double bed, because someone still does not have two bedside tables) uses the table, it’s also possible to have only one. It may even look a bit more modern and cool in many ways than two.

Keep in mind that the West Elm bedside table does not have to be a traditional bedside table. Instead, you can also use a lot of other furnitures, such as Small bunks, pallets and a lot of other things like bedside tables, though this is not their original use. This often makes your home look more unique and different, which of course is something that many aspire to. The more original you can be when you choose different furniture to use as a bedside table, the better it is of course.