Benefits Of Having A Ceiling Fans Without Lights

While air conditioning helps remove moisture from the air if you just want to keep the bedroom cooler, a ceiling fans without lights is a solution. Compare the different characteristics such as the size of the motor, the assembly of the leaves, and the quality of its surface. Make sure that you recommend a seller with knowledge about it and choose the one that meets your needs. But there are some benefits that you have to consider why the ceiling fan is better than AC (Air Conditioner).

Posted on September 7, 2022 Interior

You should be aware that the air conditioner spends a lot of electricity, but to give you an idea comparing with the cheap ceiling fans, they only spend the energy of a 60-watt bulb, while the AA (air conditioning) spends 3,500 watts. The fan helps you save! Even if you have an AA at home, you can also use a ceiling fan at the same time, which will make the first device more efficient when cooling the house.

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The ceiling fans only takes care of moving the air, which increases the speed at which human perspiration evaporates, making the skin feel fresher instantly. If you put it a maximum of 7 to 9 feet off the ground, you will enjoy its natural benefits. Since the fan only cools the skin if you are there, it is not necessary to leave it on when you leave the room. It is not like an AA that should be left on to cool the house. The fans Reversible ceiling can be adjusted to make circulate warm air in winter, which also reduces heating costs.

The fans are efficient even to prevent the visit of flies and mosquitoes. Have you noticed? When a fan is working, these insects do not bother. Compared to AAs, which require special conduits and placement by an expert, the ceiling fan is easy to install, with no additional costs. You only have to clean your blades once a month to remove the dust. Also from time to time, you will have to adjust the screws so that it always works well, without annoying noises. Nowadays there are so many designs of ceiling fans that you will surely find one that combines with the decoration of the environment.  Dresses? I told you that the ceiling fans were good! What do you think? Modern ceiling fans are really good and it is undeniable.