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Giving the finishing touches to a bedroom décor can be as simple as tying a room together with a custom Nordic turquoise bed skirt. A Nordic sheath skirt, also known as the dust hive or bed skirt, is basic to make. Most of the difficulty lies in taking appropriate measures, but once you have accomplished that task successfully you are well on your way to making a fresh new comforter skirt. A bed skirt or dust hive is a large piece of cloth that goes between the mattress and the bed frame or between the bed frame and bed and hangs to cover the gap between the bottom of the bed and the floor.

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This hides anything that can be stored under the bed. If your sewing skills lack fineness or you just do not want to take the time to sew a turquoise bed skirt ideas, you can quickly make a non-sew up bed skirt from your bed. Remove the mattress from your bed and lean against the wall. If your mattress is large, you may need the help of a friend to remove it. For the cover (part of the skirt that sits on the spring box), measure the sides of the corner frame to the corner of the muslin. The fabric of the skirt, measured from the top of the spring box on the floor or wherever you want the skirt to hang. Add a half-inch to each measure for seam allowance.

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Cutting muslin for the cover according to the measurements. Cut to fabric turquoise bed skirt according to length and width measurements one of the foot panels of the bed and two play panels for each side of the bed. PIN and sew a quarter-inch hem along the sides and bottom of the three sections of fabric sew the side hem, followed by the bottom hem. PIN and sew the side of the headboard of the muslin. Lay flat muslin (right top) and arrange the fabric over (wrong side up), align the edges of the sides of the fabric without a hem with muslin edges.

PIN and sew, leaving a quarter of an inch for the seam allowance. Fold fabric fins down and press down before trimming. Washing and ironing the fabric before sewing can be done for a clean seam. If you choose the fabric in a solid color that complements the rest of the room, this allows you to change the décor later with a new duvet cover, without needing a new duvet turquoise bed skirt. Beginners should choose a fabric that has easily distinguishable sides of good and evil.