Bright Lights Ideas for Clear Glass Pendant Lighting Style

Aug 3rd
Pendant Light Globes
Pendant Light Globes

Of all the choices of decorative lighting, clear glass pendant lighting is perhaps the most customizable. There are really just a lot of artistic things you can do with it to increase the overall appeal of your home. If you are not short of creativity and imagination, you will certainly enjoy coming up with new ways to improve its role as a source of lighting for your home, as well as a decorative element clear glass pendant lighting.
If you are searching for a new look for pendant lighting you currently have, here are some simple ideas for DIY style you may want to consider providing your home something different and fresh.
For antique chandeliers that seem to have lost their aesthetic importance, it may be modernized to fit the current design of your home spray painting with an opaque color, which is very much in trend these days. To be more energy efficient, make the switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs, which use about 75 % less energy and last ten times longer. Now, if you are really gunning for the largest energy savings, you may want to invest in light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, which are slightly more expensive but use 80 % to 90 % less energy and can last for more than ten years.
For a good set of colors, for example, you want to go for a Mediterranean appeal and prefer a DIY method to achieve the look, you can paint your clear glass pendant lighting with transparent paint, iridescent enamel. You can use a wide range of vibrant colors to achieve that effect stained glass polished or raw. Iridescent produces the special effect paint changing hues depending on the amount of light available.
Transparent paint, on the other hand, is very soft and allows light to shine through. There are still many other decorating ideas for clear glass pendant lighting and can be used all kinds of materials to help you create the look for your home that best reflects your personality and aesthetic inclination.

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