Build Round Tufted Ottoman

Nov 6th
Large Round Tufted Ottoman
Large Round Tufted Ottoman

Round tufted ottoman – Place a piece of 2-inch foam on the floor. Turn around coffee table upside down on top of it and tracks around the top of the table to foam. Removing the coffee table. Sand the table leg. Wipe with a soft cloth. Paint or stain table legs as desired. If the legs can be accepted as they are, this step jump. Mark the places where you will tufts on the top of the table. Ideas comprise dusk in the middle or four tufts in a square at the top of the ottoman. Drill holes.

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Set the foam to the top of the table round tufted ottoman plan with the spray adhesive. If the table top has a lip, filling the area under the lip of foam associated with spray adhesive. Lay your fabric right side down on the floor. Put a piece of quilt batting on it. Turn table head center and foam topper on fabric and batting. Pull the batting and fabric on one side of the circle around the underside of the table and staple in the middle. Repeat three more evenly distributed points on the circle.

Turn the table right, check the fabric position, turn it back upside down and staple the rest of the way around, pleating the fabric as you go. Insert a long needle through a flat button and then through a hole in the underside of the Ottoman. Press the foam. The needle threads through a tufting button and back through the same hole in the ottoman and through a hole in the flat button. Repeat a couple of times, the pull wire tightly enough to the PTT foam, and then tie. Repeat with the rest of the tufting places. The round tufted ottoman was done.

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