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Installing Skylight Dome

Skylight dome emits up to 35 percent more light than a vertical window. There are a lot of small things to consider before buying your skylight example if you want a large skylight or several small skylights. Also consider whether you want something that enables clear viewing, which is the most expensive skylight, or something cheaper, like a plastic skylight. Ceiling windows, while easy to install, can still be a challenge for a do-it-yourself.


Climb for the steps with skylight, drill, and a pen. Place the skylight dome in the roof where you want the skylight to go and track a marker. Drill a hole in the middle of the contours to use as a locator hole when on the outside. Place a thread hanger through the hole and climb down the ladder. Carry the steps, skylight, marker, drill and a circle saw with you outside. Climb up the ladder and find the locator hole. Slide thread hanger back through the hole, using a pliers. Trace the skylight on the roof, using a marker. Cut out the outlines you made using Circular Saw.

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Skylight Dome SquareSize: 800 x 600

Skylight Dome SmallSize: 800 x 800

Skylight Dome RusticSize: 640 x 420

Skylight Dome ReviewSize: 1280 x 720

Skylight Dome NiceSize: 318 x 196

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Skylight Dome ModernSize: 700 x 394

Skylight Dome LargeSize: 500 x 375

Skylight Dome ImageSize: 800 x 600

Skylight Dome HomeSize: 800 x 600

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Skylight Dome GreySize: 900 x 506

Skylight Dome GlassSize: 443 x 500

Skylight Dome DesignSize: 592 x 400

Skylight Dome DarkSize: 640 x 480

Skylight Dome CircleSize: 800 x 589

Skylight Dome BrownSize: 592 x 400

Skylight Dome BlackSize: 672 x 372

Skylight Dome BarSize: 1280 x 720

Skylight Dome BoxSize: 800 x 600

Strengthen the skylight dome s support system by installing the heading rules the opposite roof rails – for example, if the roof’s rules are horizontal, install the opposite by walking vertically. Cut out and hit the ceiling so that the light will flow through as desired if you have a roof that does not comply with the roof’s angle.

Skylight installation

Measure 3 inches away from the roof window on all sides, using a tape measure and pop a chalk line. Cut off shingles, use chalk lines as you have done and a matt knife. Place the skylight dome in the hole, be sure to center it, and fasten with some roof screws and a drill. Cut a few roofing paper strips 8 inches wide with your user knife and slide them under shingles on all sides, beginning at the bottom. Pin up nails and shingles use the flat cutter needle if necessary to help install the paper.

Install a single piece of the base flashing so that it sweeps some of the road around the bottom of the skylight and make sure it is on top and shiny against the roof shingles. Drive a few blinking nails in the sides of the skylights horizontally, using a hammer. Slide a few pieces of the step flashing below the shingles beginning at the bottom and work to the top. Check all blinking pieces to make sure they overlap at least 4 inches on all sides. Slide a fixed flashing sleeve under the bottom of the skylights and under the roofing using the bottom of the flashing. Slide into the shell of the fast blinking; work all the way around until you have completed the flashing installation with the head flashing attached to the top of the skylights and under the roof.

Installing Skylight Tubes

Skylight tubes – Ceiling windows can make your home brighter with natural light, reducing your need for artificial lighting and energy costs associated with it. Installing skylights traditionally involves installing a large glass pan in the ceiling over an open surface of a building – but if you want to bring more natural light into a smaller area, such as bathroom or hallway, you can use the rigid pipe skylight. This is a system that uses metal channels to direct the light from your roof in your home.


Select the roof position where you want to install skylight tubes, and locate roof beams in the area immediately around the site. Run a screw through the ceiling, centered between the two roof beams. Remove the insulation from the area around the screw inside the wind. Wear gloves when handling the insulation. Cut a hole in the ceiling that matches the diameter of the hose with a back and forth saw.

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Skylight Tubes RepairSize: 616 x 462

Skylight Tubes PartSize: 801 x 801

Skylight Tubes OutdoorSize: 800 x 600

Skylight Tubes KitchenSize: 300 x 225

Skylight Tubes KitSize: 400 x 581

Skylight Tubes ImageSize: 640 x 480

Skylight Tubes HomeSize: 405 x 302

Skylight Tubes GraficSize: 640 x 480

Skylight Tubes GeneralSize: 800 x 600

Skylight Tubes DesignSize: 800 x 600

Skylight Tubes CustomSize: 380 x 606

Skylight Tubes CoverSize: 899 x 675

Skylight Tubes CeilingSize: 1199 x 799

Skylight Tubes AwesomeSize: 300 x 195

Select a space

Select a space between two roof beams on the roof where you want to install the exterior side of the skylight tubes. Keep the line between the ceiling and the ceiling as straight as possible, to allow more light to flow into the room. Drive a nail through the roof where you install the roof window. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the ceiling so that you know how much hose you need. Climb on the roof and find out the nail. Look for the area where shingles are raised. Draw a circle on the roof centered over the nail that matches the diameter of the hose. Cut a hole in the ceiling along the circle with a tiger saw. Removing roof rails keeps shingles in place along the sides of the hole.

Slide the upper edge of the flashing under the shingles on the sides of the ceiling. Apply a thick string of joint between shingles and blinking around the perimeter of flashing, and nail it flashing to the ceiling with galvanized nail. Place a tight joint on top of the nails. Slide the upper part of the hose into the flashing and fixed dome to the top of the window, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Return to the wind and connect the hose between the ceiling and the hole in the ceiling. Attach diffusers to the end of the tube inside the room, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A sky tube uses a tube that transfers the sunlight from the roof to the interior of a building. The sky pipes can direct the light into rooms that are not directly under the roof opening. They can also be provided with electric light to provide light at night and dimmer to reduce daytime light transmission.

Window Skylight Blind Option

Skylight blind – Ceiling windows are useful for illuminating a loft or a top floor. You get the advantage of natural light into the room with a skylight. However, it is still necessary to install blinds over the skylight. You can get skylight blinds in materials like wood, metal, plastic and others. The need for blinds for skylights is explained by the unbearable heat coming in during the summer. By installing the right blinds you will also make the skylight look better. The thing is, when working with skylight blinds things are not the same as with regular windows. It is harder to find the right materials. You can also get custom blinds.

When installing skylight blinds you have to consider the differences between a regular window blind and a skylight window blind. The solution consists of an opening frame with controlled motion. The controlling of the blind can be manual or motorized. Depending on their features and materials, they are different types of skylight blinds. Roll Up Blinds; the first and also cheapest type of blinds is rolling up blinds. The mechanism that stays blind to the window is simple spring loaded barrel. If you want the installation to be as good as possible install the blinds with nails or clips.

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Skylight Blind TypeSize: 1000 x 666

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Skylight Blind ColorSize: 1000 x 666

Skylight Blind BenefitSize: 1024 x 768

Skylight Blind ProsSize: 1000 x 500

Skylight Blind ModelSize: 1000 x 500

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Roof Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 1000

Pleated Skylight BlindSize: 800 x 600

Keylite Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 986

Elegance Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 666

Closed Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 500

Cheapest Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 1000

Bloc Skylight BlindSize: 800 x 800

Blackout Skylight BlindSize: 1000 x 500

2017 Skylight BlindSize: 800 x 600

Awning blinds; unlike other types of skylight. Awning blinds extend outside the window and leave some light while protecting the room from the sun. For loft these are the best blinds, especially if they are in a dark color or black. Pleated blinds; the blind is formed by dust pieces that throw in leaflets. You can control the level of the blind using strings and wires. The problem with this kind of blind is that the material used is usually not very durable. Meanwhile, making your own skylight blind for a skylight will solve the problem of sometimes unwanted light and heat. You can make full cover or blinds pulling back to leave the light throughout the day. You can make them simple and functional.

Or make them stylish and create an unexpected accent to all rooms. To making the skylight blind, starting by target skylight width and length. Cut the fabric so that another four inches on the width of the hem. Allow an additional eight inches in length. Fold the fabric over an inch and sew the back to make a home. Repeat this for the other side. Sew four inches down from one of the unfinished sides. Over the nail, fold the very top edge of the fabric inside an inch. Sew a half inch from the top. This should create a pocket in the longitudinal direction of the tension bar to slide through. Repeat this to the opposite side of the fabric.

Smart Motorized Skylight Shades Control

Motorized skylight shades – A skylight is a window or hollow with glass locate on the ceiling and sometimes on the walls of a room. Its main objective is to let the sunlight pass evenly and allow a pleasant atmosphere. Although they are not so common, the reality is that we are all attract to the beauty of natural light in our interiors, not the same a lugubrious and enclose space to a well-lit. Our activities within the home will be more easily perform in addition to having the benefits to our health from the physical. And psychological aspects that gives us the light of the sun.

In addition, the house will have a special design and distinguish with the presence of these hollows full of light. For all these reasons, in this book of ideas we have everything you need to know about motorized skylight shades, materials, designs, advantages. And also disadvantages for which values ​​if they are a good option to include them in your home.  If the area is extensive, consider a structure that provides the necessary support. And it is recommend that, if glass is to be use. The pieces are temper glass and not very large. Because the larger the dimension, the lower its strength.

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Depending on the size and material you choose the prices may vary. Currently prices range from 7,500 bolivars for the smallest of 20 x 20, to Bs. 22,000 for larger models of 60 x 60. The market offers several designs, the most common are squares. There are also various sizes, from the smallest 20 x 20, to much larger models like the 60 x 60. They can also vary depending on the operating system. That is, you can choose between fix  skylights that are operate manually or those that you can use with a remote automatic system.

Free space, fresh and full of light, thanks to the large windows surrounding the house. And the presence of clear ceilings in different sections of the project. In short, an excellent option as functional as aesthetic to illuminate any corner of your home. The structure of the motorized skylight shades consists of a base and a dome. The most common sockets are create from polyester resins reinforce with fiberglass. In addition, they have an inner thermal insulation based on polyurethane foam. For its part the dome is manufacture in cast methacrylate, also know as acrylic glass. It is always sought that in its external part offers impermeability and inside, polish finishes.

DIY Skylight And Install Skylight Covers

Skylight covers – Making your own skylight at home means a complex process that includes cutting a piece of the ceiling, installing a frame, seal and finishing the interior ceiling. A poor installation of skylights will lead to leakage. Follow all instructions carefully. The first step is to cut holes in the ceiling. Enter the house and choose a place for skylights. After it cut through the roof from the inside and then exit and exit the intersection from there. Use circular saw. When you have a hole, clean the area around it. This involves removing chips from the ceiling. When all this is done attach the skylight to the center of the opening.

Surrounds the area of skylights with strip roofing paper that is eight inches wide. Shoot them under shingles. Start with the bottom and sides and then go to the top. Now it takes the lower flashing play. Twist it halfway around the skylight and attach it to the skylight with roofing nails. You should now install flashing but first slink a few steps flash under shingles. Next install fixed flashing starts with the bottom. You must install the flashing right as this will prevent water from entering the house. Once you have a working skylight installed, you can do it personally depending on your wishes. You can control the amount of light coming into a room by installing shades of darkness. They also keep the heat out of the house. You can have a ventilating skylight as well. There are many blind blows as well.  Did you need skylight covers?

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Wire Skylight CoversSize: 960 x 720

Unique Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 680

Skylight CoversSize: 960 x 640

Skylight Covers PicturesSize: 1024 x 768

Skylight Covers OutsideSize: 1024 x 546

Skylight Covers InsideSize: 1024 x 613

Skylight Covers IndoorSize: 1024 x 716

Skylight Covers IdeasSize: 1024 x 768

Skylight Covers ExteriorSize: 1024 x 728

Skylight Covers DesignsSize: 1024 x 681

Skylight Covers BubleSize: 1024 x 768

Round Skylight CoversSize: 1000 x 563

Simple Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 768

Modern Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 640

Great Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 614

DIY Skylight CoversSize: 960 x 720

Cool Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 768

Awesome Skylight CoversSize: 1024 x 768

Skylights have the purpose of providing more natural light. But sometimes it can be too much light and these moments you can use something to cover the skylights with. You can limit the amount of light and heat that comes into a room using a door. The first step is about measurements. Step up on the roof and take the size of the width and length of the skylight with a tape measure. Purchase the skylight covers in a color that match the shingles roof. Place the skylight cover above the skylight by wrapping the entire perimeter with the harness that came with the skylight. Use a knife to cut any extra fabric and then slide it over the fabric without cutting shingles. Move fabric out of the circumference and pull it aside. Now that everything is done.

25 Cool Fake Skylight To Inspire You

Fake skylight – The lack of lighting or the insufficiency of this is a problem to be solve in the design of the houses. To solve this, skylights, also known as skylights or skylights are the best option. It consists of a window that is usually locate on the ceiling and functions as an entrance to natural light. Which can be used as a substitute for lighting provided by lamps or any other artificial light source, during the day. The best thing to do is to use a specialist, however, it is possible to install one on your own. In fact, if you consider that you have masonry skills, on the Internet there are many tutorials that explain the step by step with which you can easily guide.

Always taking into account the measurements, the direction of the light and the suitable materials. In addition to the benefits of natural light (greater amplitude, luminosity, among others). it can serve as a fresh air intake and a way to expel hot air in hot weather. all without sacrificing the privacy that would imply a conventional window. In addition, it is also a significant way to save on your electric bill. Very few, everything depends on the climate where you live. In warm climates. For example, fake skylight can create a greenhouse effect, but it is something that you can easily solve by implementing a skylight with curtain system that allows the hot air to escape.

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Round Fake SkylightSize: 1800 x 928

Office Fake SkylightSize: 1000 x 600

Large Fake SkylightSize: 1280 x 720

Kitchen Fake SkylightSize: 900 x 589

Interior Fake SkylightSize: 864 x 648

Ideas For Fake SkylightSize: 1366 x 1000

Great Fake SkylightSize: 900 x 598

Fake Skylight WindowSize: 853 x 1280

Fake Skylight PlansSize: 889 x 592

Fake Skylight Pink TreeSize: 1000 x 667

Fake Skylight ModelsSize: 1280 x 799

Fake Skylight LongSize: 1085 x 530

Fake Skylight InstallSize: 970 x 660

Fake Skylight ColorsSize: 889 x 572

Dining Fake SkylightSize: 1200 x 800

Create Fake SkylightSize: 1000 x 1000

Cool Fake SkylightSize: 1172 x 698

Bedroom Fake SkylightSize: 960 x 695

Bathroom Fake SkylightSize: 891 x 545

Bath Fake SkylightSize: 1024 x 683

In cold climates, it can affect thermal envelope of home and be a form of escape or escape of heat, and a bridge for entrance of cold. Is a skylight a solution for a dark house? Definitely yes. It is by its location great utility and function they have, since they illuminate more than a normal window. It takes maximum advantage of natural light with variations of intensity that usually exists during day. In that sense, lighting inside house will improve significantly. Ideal location is on roof, however, can also be install on top of a wall.

Fake skylight idea is to make the entry of light enter zenith. Because the benefits are multiple. The rooms are the most common places where they are install to improve the lighting. However, everything will depend on your needs, whatever the dark place that needs light input. Whatever the place, a room, a bathroom or a dining room, you can illuminate. And visually expand the square meters of the place, creating a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. In the room you can enjoy a pleasant night view with a starry sky and in the bathroom

Simple Installing Skylight Curtains Guide

Skylight curtains – If you hurried and installed a skylight before understanding how it really works, and now what you want is some darkness in your room and you cannot do it, you start to think of solutions to this problem. We give you the solution. It is called window curtain and it will definitely solve your problem. To regulate the natural lighting that enters through a window of roof we propose to place a double model, with a simple system of installation in click, composed by a curtain of darkening and another decorative that, in addition, will sift the light of the day. In the market we will find different models of curtains, with different functions, both manual and remote control.

Roman shades – unlike the cumulative standard variety – are made from sections of fabric that fold (do not roll). Roman shades should be install so they only cover the main windows. Its helps to frame their crossbars and allows light to pass through them. You can also use Roman blinds in conjunction with transparent skylight curtains so you have the option of hiding your crossbars if you wish. Firstly measure the size of the skylight, horizontally and vertically. To install the curtain, the first thing we will do is to insert the drum frontally towards the glass, in the upper supports of the leaf of the window.

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Skylight Curtains YellowSize: 1132 x 849

Skylight Curtains WhiteSize: 1280 x 853

Skylight Curtains SystemSize: 1024 x 682

Skylight Curtains SmallSize: 1024 x 682

Skylight Curtains SizeSize: 1000 x 666

Skylight Curtains RoofSize: 1025 x 691

Skylight Curtains LargeSize: 1000 x 666

Skylight Curtains HomeSize: 1024 x 683

Skylight Curtains FabricSize: 1024 x 768

Skylight Curtains CoverSize: 1239 x 1586

Skylight Curtains BlindsSize: 1024 x 662

Glass Skylight CurtainsSize: 1000 x 666

Then screw the end-of-rail parts into the lower corners of the blade.  Now you will need to insert the hooks from the inner wall of the roof posts beams. To locate those who use the search engine bolt. Insert a wall hook into each corner of the skylight. To place the rails, we must introduce the two nylon ends of the lower handle of the curtain through the slot in them. Next, push the lower end of the rails into the already installed end of rail parts. We mark the wood with a punch through the holes of the rails and we screw them to the wood.

Now just place the fabric you cut into the size you have made before on the hooks. When you do not want the darkness anymore, just take the fabric out of the way. Remove the two red transport pieces, placed frontally on the top of the drum, and discard them. We already have the skylight curtains ready to use. If we operate the pleated curtain. Then we can tint the light that enters the room as well as decorate our home. By activating the darkening curtain, we will get enough darkness to rest at any time of day.

Great Ideas Operable Skylight At Home

Operable skylight – The tube of sunlight is an installation not too well-known that allows to illuminate dark rooms of natural and economic form (the sun is free). That’s why I bring this article, so you know the benefits of using natural light sources for interior lighting (and not using light bulbs). If you do not know this installation, today you will know how to give natural light to a dark room . And the system will surprise you. The oven in the bedroom allows you to watch the stars a clear night and watch the sun from the morning.

Oven lights are laid out in all the rooms of the house it is obvious that living rooms and the living room have a skylight, but the bedrooms can also be fitted with skylights. Rolling blinds, if any Electric, can shield off to light when to sleep. Also think the operable skylight in the bathroom – an often overlooked room, which with a small investment can be a nicer place to stay. Think about the look of the house when you choose the windows when planning your oven solution, focus will of course be on how to bring the most light into the dark corners.

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Useful Operable SkylightSize: 1000 x 777

Operable Skylight TypeSize: 876 x 583

Operable Skylight SystemSize: 1000 x 664

Operable Skylight StyleSize: 1100 x 733

Operable Skylight SizeSize: 1280 x 720

Operable Skylight ShapesSize: 1200 x 900

Operable Skylight RoofSize: 1440 x 1080

Operable Skylight ModernSize: 1024 x 893

Operable Skylight LongSize: 1170 x 878

Operable Skylight LargeSize: 1000 x 750

Operable Skylight HomeSize: 1000 x 772

Custom Operable SkylightSize: 1254 x 729

Copper Operable SkylightSize: 1000 x 750

But the windows will also affect the appearance of the house. So it’s important not to break down the architecture of the house with a solution that looks strange. Be aware that the higher the slope roof, the more visible the windows will be. Low-slope roofs can also have skylights Oven windows are available in many sizes. So it is possible to customize the solution to the size of the house . For smaller houses it may, for example, be more harmonious with more small windows than some large ones. Low-slope roofs can also have skylights.

Whether in the form of plastic bubbles, built in directly at a time. Or with ordinary operable skylight windows built into a so-called desk cover. Then a small attachment that ensures that the window is incline. Incorrect assembly of the window can destroy the roof the roof is the most expose surface of the house. Improper assembly may cause leaks between roofing. And also windows so that rainwater may penetrate and cause contamination and fungus in the structures. Therefore, ask a carpenter to perform the work. And it will also be able to give good advice on the solution that is suitable for the house.  Talk to the carpenter about the possibilities and get a fix offer for the solution you agree.

Pyramid Skylight For Bigger Home Looked

Pyramid skylight – Many people end up choosing a skylight that is way too big for their house to try to spend as much light as possible. Unfortunately, even the best skylights have much worse insulation than a comparable space ceiling. So a large skylight provides large amounts of heat to escape during cold weather. And too much heat to enter the house during the hot weather. For this reason, it is advisable to consider how much sunshine is directly receive. And how big the temperature change is from season to season, before choosing a skylight. Generally, as a comparable size wall window a skylight gives about 8 times as much light to enter the house.

There are three main types of skylights generally in use. One of them is pyramid skylight. A pyramid skylight is a simple four-triangle pyramid that protrudes from the ceiling. This type is too big space. Because it can support more than one window. You must take into account the roof resistance before installing such a system. The maximum number of pages that skylights may have is eight. A pyramid design helps you add some dimension and depth to your roof. They are significantly harder to install because they will require a new framing system. But they look good and the added value will be even bigger.

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Xp Pyramid SkylightSize: 1000 x 666

Use Pyramid SkylightSize: 1024 x 576

Unique Pyramid SkylightSize: 1000 x 750

Union Pyramid SkylightSize: 1024 x 684

Solar Pyramid SkylightSize: 1024 x 768

Small Pyramid SkylightSize: 1024 x 576

Pyramid Skylight ShadeSize: 800 x 600

Pyramid Skylight ProductSize: 1000 x 563

Pyramid Skylight ModelSize: 900 x 600

Large Pyramid SkylightSize: 1024 x 768

Glass Pyramid SkylightSize: 900 x 600

Custom Pyramid SkylightSize: 1000 x 746

Best Pyramid SkylightSize: 1080 x 640

A pyramid design will help you add a certain dimension and depth to your roof. They are much harder to install since it requires a new framing system. But it will be great and the added value will be even greater. The Skyspan Pyramid skylight provides an aesthetic design to any building. Creating an atmosphere of elegance and design. Rooms are provided with natural light. Skyspan’s Pyramid skylights fit all types of roof profiles. The complete unit is manufactured from Zincalume steel for durability. And is also design for economy and easy installation. The Skyspan skylight can supplied in a range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

The standard pyramid is from 3mm tint acrylic and 4.5mm tint acrylic for larger sizes. There are no fixings through the glazing to allow for thermal cycling. Clear and opal pyramids are also available. The pyramids can also manufactured in polycarbonate. The Skyspan pyramid skylight comes standard as a non ventilated unit with the option of passive ventilation. Skyspan skylight is manufactured to comply with the Australia Standard AS4285. And is cover by a seven (7) year guarantee. The Skyspan skylight can manufactured to cater for your individual needs. And also come with a large range of options.

Save Energy With Sun Tunnel Skylight

Sun tunnel skylight tend to be very expensive and overall are energy jams, because essentially, they are a large hole in the ceiling that is not nearly as insulated as a roof without a skylight. If you save energy while achieving the goal of increased light is a “greener” choice than with any means we will use it, especially if it will be a cheaper alternative.


Fortunately, there is such a choice, it is known as a pipe skylight or a solar tube, or simply a round skylight. But why is it a lot better if it still has a sun tunnel skylight. The difference between the two is the sun tube creates a much smaller hole in the ceiling which leads to lower heating and cooling costs but it creates the same amount of light by using a reflecting tube that draws the light down from the top of the ceiling to the level of the ceiling.

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Sun Tunnel Skylight HomeSize: 1024 x 576

The entire tube is sealed from acrylic dome on top of the ceiling to plastic light diffusers as you see from inside the house. Because of this closed tube it creates an insulated pocket that makes this much more energy efficient than traditional skylights. Spread creates such an unobtrusive type of light as you might swear there is a luminaire instead.

Sun tunnel skylight the installation of these pipe skylights is simple; most manufacturers provide a template for the ceiling cutter with a flashing kit to seal it properly around shingles. The most important thing is that you have to place the intersection of the roof rails or roof trusses pre-plan before cutting to Center the circle clip between the ceiling frames. From here you must decide how far from the ceiling cut-out to the ceiling pipe must reach.

The interior of the tube is highly reflective and must be cut to fit the space required. When you decide where the end of the pipe comes through the ceiling you use the template provided to cut the circle at the end of the tube. When you connect the finished end to the ceiling at the end of the reflecting tube, you are ready! For detailed instructions, refer to the instructions. Instructions believe me it is a straightforward process and compared to traditional skylights is very easy to handle and easy to install.

There are a few different manufacturers of solar pipes, but they are all equal. Some sun tubes also have an option to put a small luminaire in the tube so that it can actually light at night, this is a great feature if you build a new house you can plan for this option, saving you from installing the extra Wired light, try using a traditional skylight.  What is really cool is yet in the moonlight there is a surprising amount of light.