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Chimney Chase Covers РChimney is the highest point of the house and is constantly expose to rain. Snow and storms that hit him from all directions. In addition, he experienced considerable pressure due to heating of the inner gas produced by household burning and cooling outside, exposed to the weather. This is usually seen at first glance the effects of their situation: erosion, falling plaster, cracks and perhaps a loose brick in the mouth. Fine chimney repair is not difficult. Start by rebuilding the mouth, with a layer of concrete 8 to 10 inches thick.

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To fix chimney chase covers, the step is. First, we create a casing with four tables supported on the edge of the stone, or on the roof surface, if we give the shape of a truncated pyramid, can stand on its own, and have the additional advantage that one transaction is the structure and slope of the surface. Required. Inside the smoke tube was introduced also another mold that protruded about 10 inches above the rock. To strengthen the concrete must be placed inside a round steel rod, diameter 6 or 8 mm. This effort does not preclude the possibility of future cracks, but this ensures the unity of the concrete layer. It would not hurt to introduce a short vertical steel round nail that is pushed into the brick joint, provided it is not loose.

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If the first line is removed, it must be removed before replacing it with cement. Preparation of concrete is dry mixing of one part cement and four pebbles then wet everything to taste. After setting up the base and putting the iron and its shape, we all get wet, pour the concrete and deliver it well. After seven or eight hours when the material starts to adjust, carefully remove the casing, rinse the sides and alders. Consider now the rest of the fireplace. If we find that the plaster is loose or damaged, we immediately renew it. Otherwise, you run the risk of loose roof damage that can hurt someone. Do not underestimate the power of the wind! Moreover, any jumping place allows rainwater to penetrate, soak rocks and damage sediment soot.

Check now the intersection with the roof deck. The usual zinc skirt attached to the ribbon, zinc is also introduced in stone. The connection between the brick and the veneer brick should look completely airtight; otherwise the water will enter through the gap into the house. If the joint is very severe, which very often happens, repeated expansions and metal contractions eventually destroy it, and mortar sag and fall. In this case we must eliminate all traces of filling and fill the joints with suitable materials as elastic bitumen or elastic bitumen pastes whose elasticity remains elastic. Although our board of directors is not very aesthetic, this exercise is waterproof, and that’s important. That’s the article about chimney chase covers that we can tell you everything may be useful.