Comfortable Atmosphere Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Feb 2nd
Rustic Wood Headboard Decor
Rustic Wood Headboard Decor

The rustic farmhouse decor is inspired by the interiors of the country houses. With its bright spaces and its warm and comfortable atmosphere. It recreates the atmosphere of the countryside and its tranquility. With multiple reminders of nature, the use of raw materials and natural tones, the rustic decor is a real homecoming. What is the rustic style? The rustic look is a simple, unpretentious and warm decorating style. With sometimes touches of nostalgia and romance. Drawing inspiration from the country lifestyle. The rustic favors the use of natural materials and little worked. For example, field stones and expose wood beams rub shoulders with furniture in raw wood or wrought iron. In the rustic decoration, we find many elements from nature . The light is also very important as well as the soft colors.

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It is a decorative style that creates soothing ambiences. As opposed to the hustle and bustle of urban environments. In addition to wood, which is found in furniture but also in paneling on the walls, ceiling or floor. There are also wicker, wrought iron, rattan, ceramics and leather. The beamed ceilings and a stone fireplace are beautiful additions to a rustic-style decor. In the rustic style, the furniture is mainly wooden, quite massive and classic in appearance. Without neglecting their comfortable side. The wood can be dyed, paint or aged to give it a vintage effect. There is also the presence of metal and iron in the furniture. Like small wrought iron garden tables. In the dining room, a massive wooden table in the center of the room, with a sideboard or a dresser, is preferred.

In the kitchen, cabinet doors will be made of wood. And there will often be a central island. In the rustic style, natural and neutral colors are popular. For the walls, we prefer white, cream or pale beige, to balance the sometimes dark colors of wood and metal used for furniture. There are other natural colors such as taupe, earth tones, sand and brown. But also ocher and blue. We forget the colors too bright in the rustic decor. The pastel colors, powder blue, lilac, pale green are also to be favored for their soothing side. The motifs on decorative accessories, curtains or cushions are inspired by the elements of nature, such as flowers or leaves. There are also patterns of peas, stripes and tiles. The wood of the furniture is often paint white or pastel, but it can also be left in its natural color.

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