Container Home Designs at an Affordable Price

Dec 7th
Wood And Container Homes
Wood and Container Homes

Container home designs – Sometimes we are simply caught up in the design ideas we have always seen . And we do not stop to think about deviating from the line to look for new concepts that go beyond the norm, full of creativity. While the traditional concept of housing defines a classic structure. It is increasingly common to see houses design with shipping containers , which are use by ships for maritime transport. One of the thousands of fields in which it has innovate in recent years is in the residential component or housing. And although a priori it sounds crazy the idea of ​​living in a container of those use for the transport of goods on ships The reality is that these containers are increasingly use as part of a home or even as a complete home.

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One of the containers is paint in blue. The other, section in two parts and overlaps the blue container to add living space. After having assembled all the pieces they added the windows and the sliding doors. The first to use the shipping containers as houses were European students, who saw an opportunity to become independent at age 18 at a really economic price . At that time the houses were formed by a single container, where there was just enough space for a person to live. They went on to build mini-developments of shipping containers, one next to the other forming streets. And some on top of each other forming as multi-storey buildings. Soon the most daring architects decided to create complete houses using several containers , joining modules, obtaining fully functional buildings.

The idea with which this trend began was to provide affordable houses that fit the normal salary of workers. And not pay astronomical amounts of money to live comfortably. But the result was like so much that they have begun to conceptualize design buildings with containers . What start as an economic solution for students, has reached the classes with more purchasing power. Who do not want to miss this new trend. And are building design houses made completely with shipping containers . The essence with which this type of housing was create has not been lost. We have examples of design houses made with maritime containers at an affordable price compared to those of bricks. They also serve as holiday bungalows. Finally you have more examples, with these holiday bungalows that have everything you need for a few days of rest, with its terrace included.

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