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Container Store Pantry – Moving to a smaller place after getting use to “big life” requires a bit of adjustment. Not having to think about where to put something is one of the cornerstones of a big house. Though the downside may be to forget where we put it. However, the use of creative space will be one of the most. Important adjustments to make this new lifestyle work as well as the first. Look at space in three dimensions and the furnishings do double duty. Note the walls and empty space near the ceiling. Ignore tasks below the room and make a list of ideas. That after your initial brainstorming can be refine to a specific action or acquisition. Because everyone’s situation will be somewhat unique to them, no solution can meet all the needs.

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The kitchen offers many possibilities. One that will work for almost anyone is adding storage on the back of the kitchen door or utility room. This is easily done by using a narrow wire basket shelf available from places like container store pantry. The result is not just space for spices and small items but can add some linear legs to store bottles. Cans, etc. However, keep in mind, a large amount of weight can be add to the door hinges that are not design to hold it. A solution is to replace a short hinge screw with 3 “long screw that will fit into the framing stud. Most of the hinges will be fine, but if not, they can be replace with heavy duty.

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If there is more room for pots and pans to be desire and the kitchen has an island. Create a gourmet display by hanging a rack from the ceiling. If there are not enough islands and spaces, non-permanent islands of various sizes can be used under a hanging rack. In closets in kitchens and bathrooms, space can be reclaimed by installing a hanging rack or racket, and the functionality increases by adding shelves or tiered racks. In the bathroom, another place to get low profile storage is to add a medicine cabinet hidden to the wall. If not already there, install the cabinet above the toilet, and add a low-profile front end decorative cabinet on the bare wall.

Even the smallest utility room can usually hold more shelves or cabinets, and since they are invisible, run them all the way to the ceiling. The most compact configuration for a full-sized machine is where they are placed in a small room at the end of the kitchen or in the hall. This room is usually only as wide as the engine, and they face each other with the door open between them. That’s the article about container store pantry that we can tell you everything may be useful.