Cool Bedside Lamps Design Ideas

Cool bedside lamps – The lamps are a detail that cannot miss on your auxiliary tables, but it can be difficult to find the right ones. Although many are beautiful, they should also be the right size and provide the kind of light you need for your activities. When choosing table lamps have these tips in mind. Style cool bedside lamps. First choose the style you want for your lamps, as it should combine with the rest of the decor. While some are more elegant, others are fun.

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How many lamps do you need? You can use different bases in the same environment if you use the same color and shape on the screen. If the base of the cool bedside lamps is colorful, you should include this tone in other details, such as cushions or curtain. Wood and metal bases are more traditional, while glass bases are more sophisticated.

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You should have several sizes in mind when choosing cool bedside lamps. First, the high total must be the same as the top of the table. This will make the light at the right level when you are seated. It will also create balance in space. Take the measurement from the floor to the surface of the table, and try that the lamp does not measure (with screen and everything) more than 1.5 times this number. As for the width, this should be about two inches smaller than the surface of the table. The lamp should never be wider than the table. If you have children or animals, choose a heavy one that will not fall easily. Before shopping, sit on the sofa or chair next to the table, and take measurements so that the base of the screen is not at eye level.

The screen is another important decision. Many cool bedside lamps already come with their own piece, but you can swap them if the style or size is not appropriate. The drum-shaped screens combine with most of the decorating styles and look modern. If the space where you use it needs more illumination, choose a transparent screen that passes the light. As for decorative lamps, choose thick screens, where light will go to the ceiling and floor. Choose the right size if you want to buy an aside. The diameter should not be more, or less, two inches the height of the base. The top of the screen should be ¾ the top of the base.