Cool Bedside Table Lamp Ideas And Inspirations

Bedside table lamp – They usually do not draw special attention. But the bedside tables are far more important than we think. Why? A very simple example: once lying down, who likes to get up to find that book that had to leave on the dresser for lack of space? Or for a plaid when it refreshes in the middle of the night? Study your needs, the objects you use before going to bed and just when you wake up, your hobbies … and then you will know what type of bedside table you need. Do you have many books and gadgets? Then choose one with shelf and drawers. Do you like to decorate each corner with details? Then lean over a large support surface where everything fits.

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Once you have the flexo painted with color that best stays with your decoration you can fix it to the wall. Doing this has the advantage that the bedside table lamp will be clearer. And you will have a light that comes from above (better to read). The second option that we propose is to put a ceiling lamp . But that hangs up to the bed. You will have to look for a cable that is nice and a bulb not very powerful. Because you will not be able to direct the light to any particular point.

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If you have a lot of confidence in your wood cutting skills. Or you do not have too much appreciation for your bedside table. then you can try to make a hole in it. If you do the size of the cap of your light bulb you can fit it and it will be well held. A different idea to make your lamp. Another way to have original bedside lamps is to use a shelf bracket. You can find them from € 4 and you have many different designs. This particular is made of wood and looks great with the cable rolled around it.

And although the photo is not taken in a bedroom the concept serves us equally. A simple way to have lighting next to the bed is to use a floor lamp. Although not designed as bedside lamp in this picture you can see how they serve to perfection. With these ideas we have made a quick review to the different options that we have to have different bedside lamps. We must see beyond and not close exclusively on a lamp placed on a small bedside table lamp. Light bulbs that hang from the ceiling or whose cable is rolled to another object breaks with normality. And gives a very original look to our room.