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Freestanding kitchen pantry – It looks for to place the pantry a cool and dry place, where there are not great oscillations of temperature. And this is maintain between 10 and 20 degrees, no more. Try to make a cabinet with which you can go up and down the shelves to suit the size of products and containers. The shelves should have to be practical about 15 or 20 centimeters deep. So you avoid the mistake of accumulating excess packaging by placing too many rows of food. The light is essential to see everything you have stored. So for that install light instars under the shelves or some focus on the ceiling that allow you to have good visibility.

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In the freestanding kitchen pantry it is not good for moisture to accumulate. So if you do not have a small window or natural ventilation. Then install an extractor in the style of those place in the bathrooms. Have at most two packages of each food. One that you have open and another one of reserve. And places in the door of the pantry a small slate hanging or a notebook. So you can comfortably go aiming what you are spending and need to replace.

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This way you will see what you have faster and how much you have left, and it will be easier to know when you have to buy that food again.  It is best that they are jars of the same type, so it will be easier to sort them. Only three sizes are enough, some for pasta, medium for foods like sugar and flour. And small for nuts or different types of salt. As soon as you open a packet of a food. Pass it to the container you have set for it and label it with its expiration or preferred consumption date. And the name of the ingredient it contains.

Order the food rationally, either by groups of the same type or by foods that are usually cooked at a time. Placing the newly purchased in the background. And the older or open in front to consume before, leaving at the height of the eyes those Consumption. All you need is the accessories. Large boxes of wood freestanding kitchen pantry , which you can also use as decorative shelves , baskets to store potatoes, garlic, or onions, hooks for hanging sausages. And some tin cans for smaller products. Such as yeast envelopes or loose tea.