Cottage Floor Plans With Parquet And Laminate Flooring

Jan 19th
Unique Small House Plan
Unique Small House Plan

Cottage floor plans – Walls and ceilings can be painted if needed. Floors are of a more permanent nature. The appearance of the floor, ie color, surface, pattern and hardness can vary widely between the different wood types. Parquet and laminate have different properties. The floor forms, together with walls and ceilings, the basic feel of the room. Which type of floor should you choose?

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Modern cottage house plans with dark floors; steal a lot of light from the room, and tend to make the room seem smaller, giving less ceilings visually visible. In addition, dark floors can be more difficult to furnish. Light floors; are more neutral than dark floors. With light floors it becomes the opposite, the room seems large, light and airy, and it is easier to furnish. A lot of twig and three patterns give a lively impression, but can also make it messy and uneasy. Therefore, remember be careful not to choose the floor with too much structure.

The top layer in a regular parquet floor – so-called lamella parquet – is made of wood. It is this tree that gives the parquet name – oak, ash, maple, pine etc. Parquet fits most places, but it is important that the parquet does not collide aesthetically and historically with the small cottage designs. Parquet flooring can be divided into three main types: lamell parket with groove and feather, solid wood sticks in hardwood, also those with grooves and feathers on all sides and the mosaic park, where small spikes or pieces are glued to the subfloor. The last solution is hardly for the home nurse. Because he is basically a lamellar parket used. The click system makes the parquet relatively easy to lay.

Laminate implies that more layers are pressed hard together. Laminate flooring has a surface that is composed of several layers of paper pressed hard together under high heat. The laminate flooring must therefore not be confused with lamellar parquet that has three in the top layer. Laminate flooring is a common designation that covers many types of floors with varying looks. Why should laminate flooring? Because laminate flooring is very durable, it’s affordable, and the click system makes it easy to lay yourself. Direct laminate: is the reasonable type of laminate flooring with lower quality and withstands less traction. Also best suited in low-wear rooms. Such as bedrooms or guest rooms. So, the end.

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