Creative Vintage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Jan 20th
Famous Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas
Famous Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Vintage farmhouse decorating ideas – Farmhouse interiors often combine casual, casual construction materials with soft touches of fabric, flowers and decorative tiles. To recreate the warm and welcoming atmosphere of southern France. However, interpretations of a French interior of the country can vary widely. Some owners choose more formal furniture with touches of gold with gold. And others are more in tune with a rural version that includes flea market furniture and the innovative reuse of discarded items.

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French elegant country style decor creates the romance of a country house combined with elegance. Features of this style are touches of furniture and accessories in gold plate gold, floor to ceiling curtains in rich opulent textures. And the use of soft colors throughout the room. Simple accents found on pillows, works of art and fresh flower arrangements add color and warmth to the rooms. Elegant limestone chimneys, antique chairs and wooden or stone floors covered with floral carpets that offer a medallion pattern add to the charm of this elegant French country style. An elegant farm style version of the country can you place in simple structures such as a country house or cottage style house. The use of floor to ceiling curtains. And a touch of gold can you find in unexpected places inside these houses.

Far more rustic in its presentation, a French country farm interior uses great contrasts. And design elements that look worn and much loved. For example, the use of limestone tiles, patterned brick with drawings, terracotta paving stones or reclaimed wood in floors adds an aged look. And gives the appearance of the mixture of outdoor activities with the interior. The walls and ceilings painted in a chalk-white color and anchored with contrast. Crude wooden beams above create the backdrop of the perfect French countryside.

Rustic chimneys you can find in eating nooks, bedrooms and kitchens. Simple cotton fabrics are used as padded seat and curtains. And to hide the storage areas in the kitchen and bathroom. A distinctive feature of the style of a country farm is the re-purposiveness of strange objects and elements. For example, a wooden box built more or less. Then, turns on its side to become a table or improvised storage area. An old outdoor lighting fixture hangs above a dining table. And it is can you use to illuminate the dinner. Old water jugs or worn enameled jars are put into service as vases or to handle kitchen utensils.

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