Curious Grain Silo House: Learn More!

Dec 15th
Types Of Silos
Types Of Silos

Grain silo house – As lovers of the rural environment, architect and his wife live happily in the small space thanks to its intelligent design that uses every inch. The living area does not reach 20 square meters. But thanks to the open floor plan and the personalized interior it seems wide. The architect and owner did everything in this space. To design the furniture and the kitchen lamp that also serves to store pots and pans. Ground floor is open to the outside, which makes it possible to live without suffering an attack of claustrophobia. Almost all the wood used to create the interior of the house is recover. Bedroom follows line that we have seen in the kitchen. And it is also built with mainly reclaimed walnut wood. It is install in a loft and thanks to the side window receives a good amount of natural light.

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The bathroom is minimal, by pure logic but is very well designed to offer the maximum in the minimum space possible. Around the house the owners can enjoy a beautiful and also practical garden with raised beds where they can grow their own vegetables. A design that of this curious house. It’s simple but that teaches us how to take advantage of space even when it has such a peculiar shape. The greatest challenge for the architects of this singular project was to achieve a habitable environment. And a climate of home in a structure of unusual shape and measures according to the familiar perception of any house. Spaciousness and simplicity were achieve by arranging all functions in a two-story environment cover in walnut. And a half-moon of black steel in the southern sector of the perimeter.

The interior of this round house is loft type with the bedroom above the crescent of the upper floor. This architectural design approach maximizes the efficiency of this building. The use of floor space, and the perception of spatial volume in the interior. There are underground air ducts that attenuate the noise of the air conditioning equipment. And also works passively in combination with a central light in the ceiling below the bedroom to passively distribute fresh air. Then, large rear window door is key in this design. It’s allowing to expand the environment in seconds to the backyard. Increases natural light and aeration, communicates broadly with the environment. On the outside grain silo house, corrugate metal and stone are the predominant materials. They combine very well in the garden environment, where there is also participation of wood in the fence and the beds / outdoor furniture.

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