Custom DIY Ottoman Under $50

Jan 20th
Ottoman Under $50 White
Ottoman Under $50 White

Ottoman Under $50 – This is the story of a transformation, a humble and simple coffee table was turning by upholstery into a luxurious and opulent ottoman. And this without producing a huge hole in the pocket of its owner. He had the sad table abandoned in a corner because it no longer looked, was vulgar. We start from a coffee table that we already have or buy an economic one. If you have legs too high we must trim them. First, we painted the legs, we can choose the painting we want.

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Or not paint ottoman under $50, what seems best to us. Due to the shape of the table, some slats were installing under the lid to have a place to nail the upholsterer nails comfortably. With the drill, we drill the table top for the places where the upholstery buttons will go. If we build a template with the layout of the holes. Even with a cardboard, we will much easier the task. We cut the foam to the measurement of the table and we stick it to the cover.

The adhesive spray works well for this job but logically we can use any other that is compatible with the foam chosen. We put the wadding, which we have cut to a size above the table, and staple under the table. Next, we have the fabric that we have chosen to upholster the ottoman under $50. If you have a geometric drawing we must make sure that it is straight and center.

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