Decorate a Child's Room with Ladybug Night Light

Oct 8th
Ladybug Night Light Pink
Ladybug night light pink

Ladybug night light – If your child loves ladybugs decorate your room to reflect their favorite insect. A ladybug night light is versatile as it is gender neutral and remains appropriate for several years. The theme of insects inspired the nursery give a vibrant, fresh look and the bright red color will stimulate your senses and creativity. Paint the walls of the room in bright green or red leaf to set the backdrop of a ladybug night light or hang a wallpaper border Ladybug with drawings on the walls white or shades neutral.

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Create a ladybug mural painting inspired the use of red and black and templates if you’re clever.

Replace the hardware with whimsical versions boring insects inspired. Choose acrylic or drawer ladybug-shaped ceramic pulls and a pull string matching ceiling fan for a coordinated look.
Paint a ladybug design on a plastic or wooden light switch plate with acrylic paints plain red and black color and a template. Connect a ladybug night light on a wall outlet to make the child feel safe at night. Improve stand overnight with a lamp with a base shaped ladybug and a leaf with green shadow drawings. Hang sconces on each side of the child’s bed ladybug inspiration for reading.

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