Decorate Cottage Home Plans Ideas

Jan 18th
Unique Small House Plans
Unique Small House Plans

Decorate your cottage home plans at low cost by using objects you already have. Search through your attic, basement and garage to find forgotten pieces of furniture that can be fixed up. Decorating a country house can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience because it is like taking a trip to the past. Hide modern elements. You probably want appliances and televisions from your cottage. Your cabinet maker can install closet doors on your appliances so the kitchen looks original when your house was built. Put your TV in a closet to hide it away. If you have a flat screen place an antique buffet below it to mix the contemporary look with a country feel. The buffet can also house DVDs and electronics.

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Focus on the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a country house. And then put on an island where children can have breakfast or watch cooking. Have installed to make your country kitchen look older, while maintaining the functionality of a bright copper cooker hood. Pine is a traditional wood used in country houses. If you do not have pine cabinets, try bleaching the cabinets or painting them a bright color. The painting can transform a monotonous cheap room into your ideal farm kitchen. Stick with light colors. Rural houses are usually full of sunlight. The lighter colors on the walls maintain the focus on the architecture of the house instead of the bold paint colors. Look for colors that are soft so that the color looks like it has been there for years.

Use the emotional accessories. You do not have to go out and buy accessories to decorate your country cottage. Hang a collage of family photos for works of art. The images can even be completely different styles of frames. Place the sets of teacups or old samples together for greater impact. Put a duvet on the sofa or a bed for a cozy touch. Carry on worn wooden furniture. A country house should have a sturdy dining table, where the family can gather for meals. Your furniture can have clean lines or simple curves depending on your personal taste. The items must be substantial and made of real wood. Maintain the character of the country house. Your cottage could have hardwood floors, grain board, claw foot tubs or thick molding around the doors. Stay away from modern decor in a country house. Keep the original elements of the house.

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