Decorate Ideas for Ikea Sofa Table

Feb 5th
Wooden Ikea Sofa Table
Wooden Ikea Sofa Table

Ikea Sofa Table is thin tables that usually come up to the back of a couch and sit behind a couch to decorate the space. The tables do not have to hide behind a couch, but can stand alone in a hall or parlor. The table can act as your catchall or simply give you another place to show some of your favorite things.

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Decorate the wall behind the Ikea Sofa Table to melt in with the rest of the home or stand out and bring attention. Use a bright color that complements the rest of the home if you want the wall to drag the eye or use a simple, neutral color that melts into the background. Hang an interesting mirror above the sofa table that complements the finish and style of the table. Create a pattern with a group of smaller mirrors, such as squared mirrors. Artwork or a collage would also work.


Decorate the top of the Ikea Sofa Table with framed photos, memorize flags or small statues. Add a runner, such as a scarf that complements the style of the table. Ornate candelabra work for a formal hall, while small trinkets or shallow bowls can catch your keys and other things as you enter your home. Place a runner along the corridor in front of the table to make it a comfortable place to rest your feet while enjoying items shown on the coffee table. Choose tile, hardwood or carpet if you can redecorate the corridor to complement the stain and style of the table.

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