Decorating Modern Japanese House

Nov 30th
Wooden Modern Japanese House
Wooden Modern Japanese House

Modern Japanese house furnishings provide harmony, balance, aesthetics and cultural appreciation. In addition, it is minimalist and easy to implement if you redecorating your home. Apply only paint in a suitable color, arrange your furniture to create balance, place decorative carpets on the floor and add some beautiful accessories. Before you know the word, you have a new place to call home, and you can relax in your Zen environment.

Paint all the walls in your home. Use a color such as beige or cream. Even earth colors, such as sage, orange or red, are common in Japanese home decor, these colors are more common in accessories and furniture. Japanese wall colors are usually subdued and neutral. Decorate with furniture that has straight edges, such as a long table or armoire. Japanese homes usually have furniture that is a dark wood. Add decorative screens, tables and sofas. Implement Japan’s version of fang shui, called Fu Sui or Inyo do. Fu Sui helps you create a space of positive energy by balancing “i” and “you,” the Japanese words of yin and yang. Achieving a balanced environment requires that you arrange your furniture based on the direction of your house faces, home layout and age and gender of your family.

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Include elements fire, water, and soil, metal and wood. Arrange furniture based on your goals. For example, place the desk at your home office so that it faces the door diagonally to inspire motivation and prosperity. Keep plenty of floor and wall surfaces. Japanese decor is minimalist. Place a tatami or bamboo mat on the floor. Place furniture on the carpet, but fill up less than half of the carpet. Install pocket doors, partitions, or rolling screens in certain areas. These sliding doors are common in Japanese decor and help achieve balance while at the same time as privacy. Add wood window treatments or bamboo shades. Load original accessories. Use some significant pieces rather than dozens of small accessories.

Include items like a tea pot on a tray, large pieces of artwork, a water feature, bonsai tree and other plants, umbrellas, Buddha statues, Japanese dolls, fans and ceramics. Books or scrolls in Japanese are additional options. Use artwork depicting cherry blossoms, traditional Japanese homes or portraits. Add color by incorporating purple, pink, black, red, green and yellow accessories. House items in built-in shelves or alcoves. Use the side pillows and wallets. For every inch of space you fill, leaving two inches of space blank. Install lighting. Use a dimmer with lights or install low voltage lighting. Avoid light fluorescent or halogen lamps. Lighting should be low, but not dark. Recessed lamps, paper lamps and lamps with low voltage bulbs work well.

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