Decoration Outdoor Deck Rail Planters

The fact that you need ladder deck rail planters to make your insurance does not mean you have to settle for the usual boring wooden railing and rails. Follow Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) safety guidelines for height and separation requirements, but allow them to do some outside-of-the-box thinking to create a system of stair rails that will add beauty to a feature otherwise neighbors its cover. Decorating your deck goes beyond choosing outdoor furniture and barbecue. Vegetation and flowers add life, and there are several options for hanging plants along the deck rails.

Posted on September 27, 2021 Interior

Some are tried and true and others are simply artistic. Consider a combination of methods for a complete, lush outdoor living space, or choose the balance lines of a row of railing planters lowes for a traditional look. Make sure the containers are strong and designed to hang. Plastic can degrade and break when exposed to the elements, so consider metal wire baskets sealed with sturdy hooks. If your container does not have a hook, make one out of weatherproof wire. Create evenly spaced holes around the perimeter of the upper edge of the container and string individual cable lengths per hole. Twist the cables firmly in a closed loop at the top.

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As an alternative to hanging baskets, consider installing flower boxes on cascading waterfall rails that cover a wide area. Buy or build sturdy rectangular boxes with drainage holes and install wooden or metal support brackets on deck rails. Make sure that the horizontal supports of the supports are similar in depth to that of the boxes. Once the brackets are in place, screw the boxes to the brackets with weather-resistant hardware. Construct square wooden railing planters diy sized to the width of the tread from the top, middle and bottom or as steps necessary for proper support. Firmly attach the bottom of the boxes to the treads, and attach a vertical pole to the inside of each box.

Add a handrail, fixed to the vertical posts at the top, to encompass the length of the staircase. Paint the undersides of the posts and the inside of each rail planter ikea with a non-toxic waterproofing agent and fill with soil and plants for a fragrant addition to the cover. Create small hanging plants by drilling holes in glass jars with a diamond drill bit attached to a rotating tool and then put plants in the drain jars. Wrap the galvanized wire around the lips of the threads of the jars, leaving two long ends that turn in a loop at the top.