Different Types of Stained Concrete Patio

Feb 20th
Stained Concrete Patio Tips
Stained Concrete Patio Tips

There are many ways to beautify your patio. So what to do? One of the smartest ways is by decorating your patio with the stained concrete patio. This idea will be nice, and it has been increasingly popular choice for people who are willing to update their patio. Stained concrete patio gives you several benefits to make everyone amazed and make your patio appear elegant and timeless. Its beautiful appealing, durability, and ease for installation are such the benefits people can get. Stained concrete cost also has inexpensive price-tag, so people can afford it easily.

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By having stained concrete patio people can create various effects and feel. You can make it as if it were a wood, or the outdoor tiles and other patterns. Stained concrete colors can come in many amazing options. So, what are most popular kinds of stained concrete patio.

Exposed Aggregate

One of the popular type of stained concrete patio is the exposed aggregate. It has a very cool look with whole pebbles and other bits and pieces evident in the slab.. This type of stained concrete with give impressive texture and feel. You can use this to enhance patio through mixing coloured glass or bits of tile in.

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Acid Stained

Another very good option you can consider is acid patio. This will be another good option for both durable and very stylish. Acid is poured over the still-wet concrete and reacts with the chemicals present.this type of stained concrete will never fade and remain intact for the life of the concrete itself.

Stamped Concrete

Another very cool stained concrete patio that will successfully upgrade your patio appealing is the stamped concrete patio. You know that this will have the steady texture, and durability as other surplus. This type of concrete is poured on the patio, and its stamp will create texture beautifully. Flagstone, brick, tile, stone are some popular designs people select. This technique of stained concrete patio is relatively easy to install, but you need to have specific dye and appropriate design.

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