DIY Bed Sheet Rubber And Duvet Cover For Cradle

Bed Sheet Rubber – This is not a gift. So I show it freely. It’s a set of sheets I made for a double bed. From time to time I do one to another to replace those that are in use. To the corner sheet I made a reinforcement with a rubber following the instructions that gave me a friend and the truth, it is very practical. A bit complicated when placing the sheet, but once laid, does not move from its place. Great idea, thanks.

Posted on December 31, 2021 Bed Sheet

Today I bring you a two-by-one domestic sewing practice, I tell you how to make a bed sheet rubber material and a Nordic sheath. It is a tutorial that you have asked me several of you, so I hope you like it and get to work. Let’s start with the bottom sheet, I made it for a crib, but the way to remove the pattern is according to the mattress for which we are going to designate the bottom sheet.

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We will begin by measuring the height, width and thickness of the mattress and these measurements will be passed to the fabric to begin to remove our pattern. Fold the bed sheet rubber fabric in half, to generate a loin and mark the width and half of the length (from the loin). Now we will add to the whole contour the measure of the thickness of the mattress and about 5-6 cm more for the lane that we will use to put the rubber.

For the corners, we will mark the measure of the thickness less 1 cm and we will cut the four. The rest of the step by step you can see in the video, I think it is much more didactic. You may seem a mess of measures, but it is not! I leave some graphics with the outline and the video to make everything much clearer.

Now we go with the cover for the Nordic, which is even easier! We have to take the measures of our filling and we will add to all the contour about 5 cm, this will be our forward. The two back parts will be removed from the front. One of them will have the same width and about 12 cm in length and the other, the smaller, will have the same width and about 12 cm in length. To finish I leave with some bed sheet rubber photo gallery of the result, I hope you like the idea, that ops come well and that you get to work!