DIY Wood Burning Ideas In Tips And Trick

The pyrography is a technique that involves drawing and then burned by the heat. Although many often do wood burning ideas with a device called a pyrography that burns wood, paper, leather or other material on which it is made, it can also be done with a natural energy source without using electricity, with a magnifying glass and sunlight. On this note, you will learn step by step how to perform this technique that will require accuracy, delicacy, patience, and creativity!

Posted on September 22, 2021 Interior

And in the simplest way in the world. Either for a wall of pallets, for a table or for a headboard. In any piece of furniture that you have created with pallets, you will be able to record the image or letter you want. The fundamental thing here is to have three essential things for wood burning techniques shading. A pallet where to record the image or letters. Some templates of the letter or letters or images that you want to record. Then a blowtorch. Yes, you read it right. A blowtorch, because we are going to record the motive you want on the pallet burning the wood. A very simple, economical and great way to decorate or customize what you propose.

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Set the template of the image or letter you want to record in the chosen wood burning patterns area. Following the example, you can do it by using the template (letter Y) to draw the lines with a pencil. Help yourself with some thumbtacks to fix the letter or image. Next, with the help of a wood that you will place on the edge of the lines, slowly burn the inside of the drawing. It is important that you do not get distracted by the wood to avoid burning the outside of the drawing you have drawn.

Surprise yourself with the cool wood burning designs result. You can choose any image or letters that you can think of. In very small drawings, instead of drawing the drawing directly on the pallet, trace it on a small wood that with the help of a cutter. Fix it with fine nails and directly with the blowtorch see burning the emptiness that you have left. Beautiful as a decorative motif more to beautify any furniture of the pallet that you have created. It’s like a tattoo for the furniture, elegant and with a touch of originality that you will not find in any other piece of furniture in any house.