Easy And Safe Attic Access Stairs

Attic access stairs – Many want to install an attic staircase because they are an easy and safe means of access to spaces in an attic. If you want to maximize the use of attic spaces to store or provide better access to mechanical equipment for routine maintenance, folding attic stairs is a smart choice. And while installing one is a task that most homeowners would prefer to avoid, for contractors installing an attic ladder is a simple and cost-effective operation. Folding stairs for penthouses come in two basic variants: wood and aluminum. Wood is an economical choice and wooden stairs for attics usually have a rating of 350 pounds. Aluminum is lighter and more durable, and some models have a rating of more than 375 pounds.

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Generally, both staircase models have a size that fits standard openings from 22.5 to 25 inches by 54 inches or wide openings from 25 to 30 inches by 54 inches. In the case of higher ceilings, 12-foot attic access stairs usually require an opening of approximately 25 by 66 inches. There are also some compact aluminum versions for openings as small as 18 by 24 inches. The installation typically requires two people and the ability to serruchar, squaw and level, as would be done to install a window or a door frame.

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Although the different types of stairs for penthouses. And different manufacturers vary in their installation methods. The basic process of installing a ladder for penthouses is the same. The first step to install an attic ladder is to enter the attic. And confirm the best location for opening the ladder. Make sure there are no wiring or mechanical obstructions that cannot be remove. And that there is ample space for users to be able to move around the perimeter of the plan opening.

Inspect the direction and spacing of the floor joists. Most attic access stairs are design for 2 × 10 floor beams space 24 inches from center to center. The spacing of the larger or narrower beams will require cutting at least one of the beams. And entering one crossbar on each adjacent beam.  Insert nails through the ceiling from above to mark each corner of the opening. Mark chalk lines from nail to nail and cut the drywall along those lines. If necessary, cut a beam in two places 1½ inches behind either end of the aperture. So that the transom material is flush with the aperture once install. If beam spacing does not require a beam to be cut. Then simply install crossbars at either end of the aperture.