Ecological Prefab Log Homes Design

Dec 29th

Wood is one of ecological materials of traditional construction of prefab log homes. Whatever the plan, wood can be use for all or part of the construction. Depending on the size and nature of the woods present in the forests. The wood is used as a framework, and also frame. Or for the complete construction of the solid wood house (traditional chalet). Traditional construction of the house uses wood frame techniques that have progress over time. Control of tools, means of exploitation, transport and also lifting allow the implementation of remarkable pieces of wood as much by their considerable dimensions as by their sophisticated assembly. Today’s carpenters use lumber from sawmills or factory-made mills (prefabricated farmhouses, laminated beams, and also laminated posts). Most common use of wood in house construction remains traditional. Pieces of wood are sawn squares in standard dimensions.

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Roof is support by a framework consisting mainly of purlins and rafters on the walls or intermediate trusses. This results in a heavy implementation on site without possibility of prefabrication in workshop. Roof weighs on localized points of the walls (lowering of load) requiring a house structure. And also appropriate materials. In order to alleviate both framework of the house and its implementation. Prefabrication of farmhouses in the workshop offers an alternative for the roof of simple houses. The weight of the blanket is spread over the outer walls of the house. The installation of small section wood elements is quick and also easy. The farmhouses are well suite to the plans of houses on one level or floor like “tower” without development of the attic. Prefabrication in the factory, of wood of great length, offers a great freedom in the design of the plan of the house.

Provide only that the site is accessible by means of appropriate lifting, the most complex house plans may be consider. The glues used make the materials less ecological. Even in the case of a traditional house plan “hard”. The wood can be use either for the whole floor (wooden floor + gable wood cladding), or for a veranda-type annexed part or garage shelter top of a room for example. A way to make a house partially ecological. The most widespread wood constructions are currently wood frame houses (MOB), based on the so-call with platform framing technique. The walls consist of vertical wood uprights on which wooden panels are fix. And serve as bracing (to stiffen the structure facing the wind). The insulation is place between the uprights. But it is recommend to choose a complementary insulation thickness outside to avoid thermal bridges at the junctions between insulation and amounts.

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