Ethan Allen Coffee Table for Great Main Point

Nov 5th
Ethan Allen Coffee Table With Storage
Ethan Allen Coffee Table with Storage

Ethan Allen Coffee Table is a great focal point for any room. This can take the form of anything because all you basically do is put a thick glass panel on the basis of a sturdy and viola you have a coffee table looked good. One of the designs that I made in the past received a lot of attention though because it is very unique to the area I come from.

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I used to have Ethan Allen Coffee Table that I made from lobster traps antique and everyone seems to comment every time they come to my house so I thought I would write this article here and let you know what I did to build it. The coffee table lobster traps are relatively easy to build. I grew up in New England so there are many stores out there that sell old nautical equipment.

Anyway, I came across this Ethan Allen Coffee Table trap one day. It was quite beaten as it was once used in underwater to catch lobster for food. Some of the pieces in it are slightly damaged and torn nets. In case you do not know, lobster traps have wooden frames and the frames are two compartments separate nets. Net is designed so that the lobster will crawl to get the bait but never get out.

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