Fantastic Elfa Pantry Kitchen Organizer

Elfa pantry – Having a well organized pantry is basic to plan meals of week and, thus, save time and money. If kitchen is large, ideal is to enable a small room connected to kitchen as alhacena. If this is not case, easiest option is to install a good cabinet to conserve food. There are many practical solutions that adapt to design of each kitchen, to enjoy ideal pantry: shelves, drawers, and swivel or glass containers. Objective? Order and functionality. solution is very simple: above we will place cans, oil, vinegar and other condiments as species that are consume less. On middle shelf, we will put pasta, sugar, legumes and rice.

Posted on September 23, 2021 Pantry

Underneath, trinkets like chocolates, cookies, cola-cao or coffee for breakfast. And in cupboard below, bottles that we will replenish as soon as they are consumed and because of their weight, could warp shelves. They are essential for easy and quick access. In perfect defense it is necessary to ensure that furniture reaches ceiling and make most of space. Store bottles and cans at bottom: more difficult and uncomfortable access. Frequently used products, such as preserves, pastas and legumes, better at a height of 90 centimeters.

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With a ladder you will access top shelves comfortably. In left-hand elfa pantry, products are distribute in wicker trays of rustic aesthetics and that combine with stone floor. With this solution space of dead angle is taken advantage of. It is not necessary to have closets with much depth: with about 30 or 40 cm is enough. Other useful systems are bars where to hang tablecloths and shelves pantry.

And as far as cans are concerned, we will have them in bottom of cabinet since they are use less . And in case of opening them, we will pass them to a glass jar in refrigerator to be able to see them well! It is a very simple trick that they use in supermarket. Everything you have in sight to be consume before if you do not see it. Ah! And in a glass jar we see if capers that we use at Christmas are about to become an expire monster or not! As you see, having a corner for your pantry is not that difficult. And although it will not be like this fantastic elfa pantry (a dream for me!) We can find everything faster than in one of these! We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!