Farmhouse Living Room Rustic Atmosphere Charm

Dec 14th
Vintage Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
Vintage Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Create a cozy farmhouse living room with a touch of rustic charm. With an earthy color palette and a mix of home furnishings and accessories, you can turn your living room into a comfortable and elegant space. Adhere to some basic guidelines that characterize the country design to achieve the desired look. Develop a characteristic color palette of the country design. Choose earthy brown, dark green, vibrant red or blue sky as your primary color. Include a lighter shade of the primary color, a contrasting color and either creamy white or yellow to complete the range of colors. Painting of walls of the lightest shade of primary color or creamy color. Choose the lightest shade if the wood tones on the floor and the seat are dark in color. For lighter shades of wood, select one of the cream colors. Select stamped upholstery fabrics for some small pieces of furniture.

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The patterns should reflect the look of the small farmhouse living room: controls and paintings, rural or floral scenes. Prints should be similar in scale, and colors should reflect the color scheme, with emphasis on the primary color. Choose natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and wool. Break the patterns by including a pair of solid colored fabrics, too. Opt for upholstered furniture with arms and curved back and low seats. Avoid controls and frames for the sofa, opting instead for a solid color. Add cushions in contrasting colors. Designate cabinets, shelves, and chests with aged wood and rustic hardware. If you are choosing new pieces, buy those that look like they have been around for a while. Avoid pieces that appear to have been deliberately in difficulty; If the wear and scratches are equal in time or equal in size, it will look artificial.

Explore thrift stores and flea markets for pieces that have naturally aged appeal. Include two small wooden benches in the furniture. Place one near the main entrance, and the position of the other in the room to provide additional seating. Choose between solid color curtain panels or 2-inch wooden slat slats for window treatments. Use hardware curtains that complement the floor and wood trim. Accessorize the living room with wicker baskets, arrangements of dried flowers in ceramic vases and boxes of the painted wooden trinket. Add old books about rural farm life, life skills of the country and old seed catalogs. Visualization of graphic material that represents a pastoral landscape or the life of the field. The light in the farmhouse living room colors with table lamps with ceramic bases and simple lampshades.

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