Feel Fresh with Falling Water House

Nov 19th
Wall Falling Water
Wall Falling Water

Falling water house – The water is reassuring and energizing at the same time. It is a source of life and freshness. Its only presence harmonizes the environments. When you look at it, it is fill with a sense of freshness and it’s sound, serene and calm. It is increasingly common to find water sources, large or small in different corners of homes. In facades, entrances, in some indoor environment, in patios, parks or terraces . A striking and original design of a fountain design as if it were an irregular staircase. It is, in fact, small vertical bowls, in the shape of straight sticks, from which a trickle of water falls from one to the other. The light stone background contrasts with the color of the design of the fountain, highlighting it even more. The water is deposited in a small pond on the wooden floor .

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Simple, without ostentation, but without going unnoticed. A small hanging metal fountain rests on a rectangular stone wall and the water slides down to round stones of different colors. A clear stone wall is the support for a small metal source. At its feet, a large pond serves as support for pots and plants. One of the walls on which a large rectangular sink ends, was cover in dark stone. From there a large jet of clear water falls on the pool giving a sensation of waterfall or natural source. The modern style is characterize by a combination of simplicity and elegance. In this design the geometric figures, the stones and the freshness of the water were combine for a totally original and striking source.

Small and minimalist, this structure of two blocks of stones design a minimalist and austere version. It contrasts on the support of smooth bottom wall and is surround by minimal vegetation and grass. A great wall of gray stone is base for this fountain that imposes robust on a placid pond. Around, a lush and dense green vegetation completes this space of warmth, harmony and relaxation. Modernity and geometry dance on clear water. A path of white squares allows you to move on water without getting wet. A stream of freshness is poure from dark stone wall. On a dark wood wall and on a floor of light stones, a super bold and avant-garde design of several pieces construct in metal that resembles a work of art or sculpture. The water runs from there and the plants around provide the necessary natural quota to contrast so much modernity.

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