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Decorative chimney caps – You know what a chimney really is, right, we all know that when we see it, we identify it for sure. But if you’re going to define it exactly you have to say that it’s a system use to evacuate hot gases, smoke or bad smells. Wow, it does not sound like Something decorative or romantic, when you define it so. But it is the reality, some thinks that using a fireplace. For heating, is not very practical for all types of housing. You have to have a supply of wood at hand all the time, if it is not easy for you to have it you will be more expensive to maintain, than a gas or electric fireplace.

Posted on January 4, 2022 Chimney

Existing fireplaces have more advantages to the user. There are gas fireplaces that also need an electrical connection, do not burn wood. So they do not produce ashes, less cleaning and maintenance. Do not need as much space by not burning wood, in a little space and You have your fireplace ready. Metal decorative chimney caps, installed easily, only need a smoke outlet. You can get them from different designs, some attach to the wall and others that your fire can be seen on all sides. These operate with firewood and heat spaces between 70 and 90 m2.

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Then romantic or wood or modern with gas and electricity. You decide and after seeing these models you will have a clear idea of ​​what is best for you. Having a fireplace at home is a real satisfaction. As these offer a spectacular atmosphere through the warm temperature that can provide when the cold lashes in the city. Also allows the home to rapidly increase its aesthetic and purchasing value. With decorative electric fireplaces you can turn your room into a more comfortable and warm space. Making the whole family can meet there without having to be annoying by smoke or risk from the sparks. This type of decorative chimney caps only needs an electrical outlet to start emitting a pleasant heat that will heat your entire house.

Finally, in this collection of extraordinary designs of fireplaces. We share this fireplace, which evokes the old ovens of bakeries in the French countryside. A chimney that seems to be on the wall, although in reality it became a hollow and the base or home. As it is call with the enclosure that serves to burn the wood, is on the outside. The rusty metal doors, give the rustic touch. But also artistic to the fireplace, wall and room. Definitely a discreet but fantastic design!