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Indoor skylight covers -Like having natural light without windows. A skylight or skylight is a window or hollow with glass located on the ceiling and sometimes on the walls of a room. Its main objective is to let the sunlight pass   evenly and allow a pleasant atmosphere.  It is a good choice not only to provide natural light to a space, also from the design perspective can make a room look wider. The skylights have an easy installation, they do not need great works and besides being located in the ceiling they will give to him enough more illumination than a window.

Posted on September 13, 2021 Skylight

The decision to use skylights on ceilings or walls becomes a bit complicated when you think about the disadvantages that your installation may have. One of these is the filtration of water from the ceiling to the interior of the house. Another is the concentration and diffusion of heat through these windows and speaking of security. It could be a possible access to thieves. These myths are broke with the different options and variations of skylights that are in the market. And above all with the correct installation of them.

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They have the features that offer a ventilation system, either manual or electric. These type of indoor skylight covers are ideal for bathrooms. And also kitchens in which it is necessary to avoid condensation of water. They are pieces that allow the diffusion of sunlight to the interior of the room. This model of skylights allows harmonizing with the decoration and style you want. Styles and sizes vary from domes to rectangles. The Acrylic skylights are design for room’s utensils, workshops and garages, where aesthetics is less important than functionality.

Its operation is base on a system that captures the sunlight. And sends it to the interior by means of small mirrors. The lighting with solar tube does not transmit heat only passes light. Because of their small size (usually 10 or 14 inches in diameter). They can be use in spaces where common skylights do not fit. It is possible to install this type of skylights in corridors, in bathrooms and even in closets. Despite their small size, they let in a lot of light.

Despite the good lighting provided by the indoor skylight covers system . It has its drawbacks, for example during the winter the heat escapes significantly. Because the hot air rises inside the house, and this is contradict by a system of Passive heating . On the contrary in summer enters a great amount of heat accompanying to the light that can be mitigate with the opening of the same one.