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Chimney hood – The fireplace in the kitchen is one of those things like the island or as a bar. They are elements that are associated with something more luxurious. Due to the need for space they create and is not usual in most homes. However, despite the fact that it is an “inexpensive” option. I have not been able to stop sharing the images of this kitchen. Because of the amount of beautiful details that make it up. Cone two separate areas, one of cooking and another of washing. We could say, this kitchen is created around a table, and that is what I love. And if the space of treasure was little. Also has a fireplace, cannot imagine enjoying lovely moments sitting at this table with a good fire and the stoves running? Maybe too romantic, yeah!

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The rest of the house, full of compositions that mix styles and times. Creates a continuous atmosphere that is fill with that “romanticism” that comes out of the kitchen. A wooden pallet in light tones and a stately architectural details do the rest, come on That I was left as is! Happy Thursday!! When in our premises we have devices. Or activities that generate fumes and gases from a combustion we need to evacuate them without generating discomfort for the neighbors. The most common cases are kitchens. Especially in the case of restaurants and similar businesses, and boilers or heaters .

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Vent Chimney HoodSize: 888 x 900

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Cook Chimney HoodSize: 1026 x 1500

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Chimney Hood ModernSize: 1474 x 1474

Chimney Hood IndoorSize: 1366 x 1366

Chimney Hood IdeasSize: 916 x 1120

Chimney Hood HomeSize: 801 x 600

Chimney Hood DesignSize: 1024 x 768

Chimney Hood CookerSize: 1000 x 664

Chimney Hood BlackSize: 1000 x 1000

Chimney Hood StoveSize: 1024 x 768

For kitchens in dining usual it is to have a c Ampana chimney hood, which must be connect to a chimney that carries the fumes drawn to the roof of the building. It is also necessary to take into account that the regulations do not allow kitchens. And other places where smells are generate (churrerĂ­as, frits, ovens, etc.) have windows or doors to the outside. Reason why the evacuation of the fumes must always be done By means of extractor hoods and chimneys.

As we will see later on, both extractor hoods and chimneys must comply with a number of requirements to ensure. As far as possible, that the fumes are extract correctly from the kitchen. And that they do not pose a danger or inconvenience to the neighbors. This chimney hood must be equip with the necessary filters and grease collection systems. And be connect to chimney For smoke outputs. The regulations do not allow the installation of smoke exits in the case of premises that only have electric ovens up to 10 kW of power. And equipped with a system of collecting vapors by condensation.