Frosted Glass Interior Doors Only For Beautiful Houses

Everything in the home is important, be it furniture or accessories. We will always be in a continuous process of coordinating styles, colors, materials and designs, to help us achieve such a harmony that delights the senses of those who inhabit it. All the details count and even the frosted glass interior doors. They stopped being a place of passage to become a decorative element with design and texture. Today we present some ideas of interior doors that could be perfect for you. The design corresponds to recently popular internal doors. They are a combination of panels with transverse plates separated by deep grooves. The final finish includes very clear satin lacquer.

Posted on August 25, 2022 Interior Ideas

The doors of two bodies of the type glass and ceiling. Illuminated also by the white of the frame that contains it and the great glass that supports it. It is an excellent design that allows the passage of light and the image of the other room. It is an innovative glass system, which does not require vertical post. The glass partition system is included in the profiles in anthracite gray. The profiles of the revolving and sliding door have the same level as the frame profiles of frosted glass interior doors wall and are flush at all levels of glazing.

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Design and quality in this sliding door with easy slip and modern air. This innovative system offers a wide variety of purpose either as a room separator, as an interior door and even as a closet. The traditional French design door fully glazed, made up of four folding doors. Excellent idea for the fresh, modern or minimalist interior. The canvas is the door and the design the idea. The door can be glass or laminate. Design; the purest freehand or using paper or vinyl. A large-format hinged door or glass slide for a greater level of elegance and sophistication for your home or office.

The clear glass embraced with chrome metal moldings brings a more innovative style. It can be combined with matte tempered glass and different engravings and colors, for an unforgettable modern touch. Double leaf slide. With rail in the upper area. One of them painted with the technique of slate. Ideal for leaving transient messages in a modern and youthful environment. Frosted glass interior doors with a slide-type sliding mechanism with rails on the floor and ceiling. The grace of frosted glass is to prevent it from being seen from the other side of the room, even if the door is made of glass. Its effect is prudent and fresh.