Garage Attic Lift Ideas

Garage attic lift is common in any workplace that requires personnel to perform elevated work in difficult access areas. Conductive joints and extraction boom arms allow the driver to access work areas located above obstacles or other areas that are not safe for a regular scissor lift.

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Perform a pre-use inspection. Walk around the garage attic lift. Examine hydraulic hoses and connections for fluid leakage. Check the tires to make sure they are properly pumped. Start the boom lift. Switch the input controls to “Ground” or “Base.” Drive the boom with the base mounted control panel.

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Garage Attic Lift CarSize: 300 x 225

Garage Attic Lift BoxSize: 736 x 981

Make sure every function of the boom lift works properly. Switch the input knob to “Platform”. Apply safety belt. Lift the safety mid-rail and climb the basket. Secure the safety strings to the attachment point in the basket. Press the safety switch to activate the platform controls.

Set the mode dial to “Drive”. Move the boom forward and then backward. Turn the wheels left and right. Run through all operations of the boom arms, including raise, lower, extend, pull and basket tilt. Turn off ramp lift. Hook your twist and climb the basket. Walk in the area between the garage attic lift and your workplace. When you are satisfied with the area’s safe, the boom lifts to the work area. Do not forget to secure your line to the basket anchor point. Extend the second microphone arm to win further height. Raise the led boom. It is important to raise the boom in this order to maintain the stability of the boom lift.

Garage attic lift adjusts the height and angle of each boom arm to reach your workplace. Alternative look to make sure you will not come into contact with any obstacles. Be aware of clamping points that can pin to the upper rail on the basket. When in a tight area, remember in what order you adjusted the ramp arms. This will make it easier for you to finish the work area. Turn off the ramp lift. Lower all boom arms in their locked positions.

Begin with the boom closest to the base and work your way to the boom arm attached to the basket. Lower the basket to a height that is safe for your exit. Turn off the red “emergency stop” button on the platform control panel. Plywood is a thin type of wood that is usually used under tiles and other types of floors, such as a subfloor. Even plywood is quite durable, with time it can rot and decay, if the water siphons through the floor above. Lifting bad plywood is necessary if you plan to rebuild a floor because you cannot put new plywood on top of the old one.