Glass Pantry Doors Ideas

Glass pantry door should not be painted in a light color, to attract attention. The black color in this case adds to the definition of the door. And the added room and collects the black tones in the room at another place. When the door closes, transparent contact paper panels allow enough light for a look at the melamine shelves that installed the owner. This modern treatment takes the idea of ​​stable door in an industrial direction. The frosted glass top adds an elegant touch, helping to filter the contents of the galley. Family members can write to make lists, notes and reminders on them with dry erase markers. Eliminating the need for a separate message board. Design by Randy Weinstein

Posted on November 28, 2021 Pantry

Take a case of commercial food and beverage cases and install simple glass pantry doors for a minimalist approach to storage pantry. Because the doors slide over the other, they also save space if your kitchen has a reduced size. A pantry door can be a great way to show your personal passions. This old screen door, which came from a farmhouse with a family relationship with the owners. Was pathetic to the momentum with a little imagination and effort. A burlap board, which is filled to the top screen, while the lower screen has a makeover with Mason panels, which are decorated by hand, telegraphy likes the owner of the coffee.

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This simple glass pantry doors packs a “hat trick” of interesting ideas. Not only the red and shiny grid plate to break a neutral extension of the wall, but the slate mounted inside, it is very easy to keep track of food requirements and daily schedules. And fixing a piece of chalk with a beautiful ribbon ensures that you do not have to dig through designer, if you need to type something.

If you fix your glass pantry doors, do not forget the inside. Give it a decorative treatment or put them well, as in this example. Add a metric conversion table with sticks, as well as cut holders and scoops. Where dry products such as flour and sugar stored. You can also make your own version with colored. A mounted sliding door rail not only brings an elegant country house air but also saves much more space than a typical swing door. For these finished doors in the barn and suppliers (building, whether finished or not) or build yourself.