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Chimney flute – Does your chimney make smoke? No, your fireplace does not smoke. Smoke is produce by the fire inside your fireplace or stove, and this is obviously normal. What is not normal is that the smoke coming from your stove or chimney. Instead of being evacuate by the corresponding smoke outlet is spear through the interior of your home. Producing what is mean by the refuse of fumes. On fire fires, as far as we know, no one has ventured to undertake any doctoral thesis. There must be a reason…

Posted on September 2, 2022 Chimney

The fumes must be evacuate through a chimney. A chimney is a conduit build to withstand the high temperatures of the combustion gases. And in case to a possible fire itself. In addition it must generate a depression that in the worst case has to be of 12 Pa. In the installation and use instructions of every chimney and / or stove you will find the necessary depression for its correct operation. The combustion gases are evacuate by the chimney flute by convection, physical property that makes the hot gases weigh less than the cold ones always follow an upward trajectory. The length and section of the flue are fundamental for the shot.

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Chimneys, those constructed on site or double-tube metal with corresponding insulation may be consider. Fiber cement pipes and single-walled metal pipes are not suitable. In the latter, the fumes are cool in their upward trajectory causing in addition to bad shot and plaster. And then, condensation and the consequent slurries of tar, tar or chapapote. At the end of the exhaust fumes from the flue of your fireplace or stove. An anti-plaster cap should be place to avoid that in certain atmospheric and wind conditions the shot may be impair. We do not recommend rotating or spherical caps. The latter are intend for ventilation and not for fumes.

In addition, the chimney flute should be the highest element of your house. And should extend 40 cm above the easel or highest point of the building. There are very high chances of a bad shot if this rule is not observe. Just as if in the vicinity of our smoke outlet there are buildings or trees higher than our fireplace. The same happens if our construction is in a valley and next to high mountains. Nowadays, the best manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves have important departments of R & D and of highly prepared laboratories.