Great Ideas Decorating Old Victorian Homes

Feb 3rd
Top Design Old Victorian Houses
Top Design Old Victorian Houses

Old victorian homes – Whatever your definition of old house is, there are many options in interior design for make your home suit your individual style. Whatever your taste and however many years your home has stood out, there are many things you can do to personalize and beautify your home. If your home’s latest paint job is out of style or no longer fits your personal style, consider a new coat. In some cases, this may involve the most arduous work of tearing down wallpaper. It’s worth it though, as nothing can refresh an old house like new clean paint. Match the color palette to the ideal image for your home. The old houses often lend themselves to airy, light colors, but do not let them hinder your creativity. Intrepid, bold colors and darker cozy hues will work just as well.

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The irony of retro style is that it never goes out of old Victorian homes style. His 1920 Craftsman was built with a certain look in mind. You can give a great tribute to the design of your home address to recreate that look. This can be achieved easily. First of all do a little research to familiarize yourself with the decoration of the time of your home. This can be done in your library, looking at period magazines copies of origin. Then comes the treasure hunt. Return to your home from your glory days with vintage accents (doorknobs, drawer handles, and plumbing fixtures) that are either genuine salvage or easily found recreations. If the color palettes of the time you please, bring them home through rugs, curtains and wallpaper.


It’s a strange house that does not benefit from redesigning lighting system old Victorian homes. There are three types of lighting to consider when planning the decoration of your home. Ambient lighting is the general lighting in a room, the light that allows visibility. Task lighting is bright and purposeful, as is necessary in a kitchen. Accent lighting is used for more decorative purposes, drawing attention to a characteristic of your home. Accent lighting can be especially useful to highlight the unique design of your old house, attract the look to the work advance the screen in its door frames or the rich walnut in its handrails. According to the renovators in this old house, It is important to consider the dimensions of your house and your furniture before planning a lighting scheme. Some older houses may not be able to maintain lighting that requires a large amount of tension.

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