How to Build a Folding Computer Desk

Jun 2nd

Folding computer desk РPeople live in small apartments or homes that have limited space often find an area that a foldable Office is the ideal solution for lack of space. A folding desk often has the reputation that it does not hold heavy objects, but with the right support brackets, a folding desk can keep your computer.  Measure the desired space to the length required for folding the computer desk. A common length is about 30 inches, which is long enough to hold from a computer screen for a desktop computer or a laptop.

Flat plywood down on the floor, so you can sketch the outline of the folding computer desk. The width of the Agency should correspond to the length of the folding bracket for optimal support. The length of the hinged bracket of the hook section attaches directly to the underside of the Office. Use the pencil and ruler to measure a large rectangle to draw your selected height and width.

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Turn on the table saw and cut the large folding computer desk surface after the straight pencil lines on the plywood. Slide the sandpaper on freshly cut edges to remove splinters and cracks. Wipe the Office down with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust. Locate two wall studs in the wall where the folding computer desk will be installed as the brackets must support stud. Drag the vertical stud finder on the wall. Make a pencil mark on the wall where a stud. Find a stud by hinged bracket – so find two within the length of the Office.

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