How to Clean A Clear Glass Pendant Light

Oct 6th
Vintage Clear Glass Pendant Light
Vintage Clear Glass Pendant Light

When you want to clean a clear glass pendant light. Your delicate chandelier will glow brighter when all that dust and dirt gone. We have some tips for you. Here’s how to make it shine again. Connect the alternative clear glass pendant light nearby (and you will not be able to use the lamp for lighting while you’re cleaning). Turn off the power to the lamp from the wall switch.

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Place a piece of tape on the wall switch so no one can accidentally turn it on while you’re working. Cover the bulbs pointing upward sandwich bags. Secure the bags with rubber bands. Place a damp below the pendant lamps. A solution of one part is using isopropyl alcohol or ammonia into three parts of distilled water. Or, if you want to mix your own cleaner, buy a special cleaner for clear glass pendant light in a lighting store.

Put some solution in a spray bottle. Sprinkle each side of the device with the cleaner, avoiding wires and other electrical components of How to Find Cheap Chandelier Wrought Iron. Allows drip crystals dry. If your lamp is too dirty to use this method of cleaning drip, you have to hand washed each individual crystal with the cleaning solution. Bring plastic bags lights once the crystals are dry, clean and support lights and other parts that are not glass with a soft cloth moistened with cleaner. Let the clear glass pendant light all apply to dry overnight before restarting for clear glass ball pendant light.

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