How to Connect a Remote Control White Ceiling Fan

Oct 22nd
White Ceiling Fans With Light 1
White Ceiling Fans with Light 1

No need to buy a new white ceiling fan to enjoy the convenience of remote control to operate. You can turn any ceiling fan by adding a receiver in the wiring. Whether your fan is installed at the end of a pipe or tack the roof, any style of fan may be modified to operate by remote control from the couch or bed of white ceiling fan.
White Ceiling Fan With Light
Identify the two types of cables on the remote control receiver. The first (a black and white wire) should be joined to the power supply cord is inside the junction box fan. The rest of the cables are a black wire, a wire labeled as extra light wire and a white wire that connects to the ceiling fan. Turn on the ceiling fan at high speed. Turn on the light. Cut the power to the ceiling fan, switch off the main electrical panel.
Unscrew the hood fan grip with two or more screws to the top of the unit. Check that the electricity is off playing with one of the ends of circuit, a metal part of the junction box and the other cable connector that keeps the black wires together. Circuit if not lit, the power is cut. Disconnect the ceiling fan. Remove the connectors and splicing the black wire from the junction box to the black wire and light wire of white ceiling fan. Remove the connector holding the white wires together.
Install the remote control receiver. Locate the two wires of the power supply of the receiver and circuit with two of the junction box. It enshrines the black wire to the black wire, and white with its peer. Thread the orange connectors to the two groups of cables. Splice the black wire from the ceiling fan to the black wire from the receiver, threading an orange plug in the two cables. But the remaining wire, light wire, the wire that is in the receiver, spoted by an orange connector. Place the receiver inside the electrical box and get a new hood. Reconnect the power to the ceiling fan, lighting switch in the central electrical panel.

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Tips and Warnings

To avoid running electrocuted, do the necessary tests to confirm that cut electricity to the part where you’re working on your white ceiling fan.

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